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  • 1. How to track outbound email
    On Mon, 12 Apr 2004 14:06:28 -0400, "strez4prez" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote: >Can you run some sort of report tool that displays in detail all inbound and >outbaound mail? > >Thanks in advance. > >Mike > Look at the message tracking capabilities. Is it just message information you need to see or is it content as well?
  • 2. Public folder replies
    On Ex2003, I have a PF Assistant rule that replies to emails delivered to the public folder, this works fine for a few days and then suddenly stops working, there do not seem to be any errors in the event log refferring to this... Any ideas where else to look? __ Matt
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    Hi all, I need help with OWA change password problem. When I click change password in OWA then the server returns blank page. My setup : Exchange 2000 Standard ( With SP3 ) WIndows 2000 ( With SP4 ) , the server is also Domain Controller. IISADMPWD Virtual Directory in IIS set. SSL enabled on IIS. I followed article Q301428 , and I applied everything. Still don't working.
  • 4. Aceessing PF regarding costom forms is slow
    Hello, Did anybody experience this? When I try to publish a form, or even when I go to Tools/Forms.../Design Form menu, I have to wait approx. 90 seconds before the dialog box where I can select the folder comes back. Other things seem to go with OK speed, and also after this once I select the folder/form, the task is done immediately (weather opening or publishing, it does not matter). I am rather puzzled, it looks a bit like Outlook is parsing through all the PF folders and get to a timeout somewhere? Where should I look? Peter

Re: Clean Mailbox - Delete only UNREAD messages >60 days

Postby Timothy McMichael [MSFT] » Thu, 06 Nov 2003 03:57:23 GMT


If the mailbox manager will work for you, you can always set an attribute on
the users that is unique to the users you want to mailbox manager policy to
apply to.  Then, you can create a new recipient policy (mailbox manager
only), and use a filter that uses that attribute.  Then, when the policy is
run, it will only run on those mailboxes that meet that criteria.

Hope that helps.


Timothy McMichael

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