saved finds unavailable?


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saved finds unavailable?

Postby Darren Burgess » Thu, 23 Jul 2009 00:21:28 GMT

Why are Saved Finds and the Saved Find menu greyed out and unavailable
in a Edit Only filemaker privilege set?

Darren Burgess

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1.Saving a Find

Can you save a 'find' as you could in the old Microsoft Works database
program? In other words I need to go back on various occasions to a set of
records in order to do additional inserts. Can't that group of records which
has already been found be saved somewhere?

2.User Friendly way to save a find

I am a new user of filemaker pro and have been learning as I go, I
have been able to work out how to do a number of interesting things.
It has been alot of fun. But I am stuck.

At the moment I have a layout [Summaries] with a button that runs a

Set Error Caputure [On]
Allow User Abort [Off]
Go to Layout [Find Layout]
Enter Find Mode [Pause]
Perform Find
Sort [Restore sort order, No dialog]
Enter Browse Mode [Pause]
Perform Script ["Print 90% Landscape all"]
Go to Layout [Summaries]
Enter Browse Mode

This allows the user to perform a find, then view it in browse mode,
print if they want (reason print is in the script is so if they do
decide to print they don't have to muck around with page settings to
make it fit on the one page), then it takes them back to the Summaries
layout. On this layout there are also a number of other buttons that
open up reports which include subsummaries which have to be viewed in
preview mode, therefore the script that runs these buttons opens them
in preview mode.

The idea is the user can perform a find which produces the criteria
the person wants to view in the reports. Then they view which ever one
of the reports they are interesting in.

I am getting to the point.

What I want the person to be able to do is save a find which produces
a script exactly the same as above. With the exeption I guess, Enter
find mode [Restore find request, Pause]. ie I want the find to open up
in find mode so if the person has anything to add or delete from the
find they can.

I was looking at putting a button in the Browse mode of the Find
layout that has a script that automatically creates the above script
with the exception that it now has a restored find. I would also like
for the script to ask the person to enter a name for this new find.

Next thing I was looking at is producing a value list of these find
scripts, so the person can search through the list to see which old
find they want to perform. Once chosen from the value list I want the
script to automaticaly run.

I am not sure if I am living in fairy land by asking these questions.
But I have been able to work out how to do a number of things I
thought was impossible so I am still hopeful!!!!!!!!

If I haven't explained myself properly please write back and ask me



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4.Why would Hosts suddenly become unavailable?

I have also seen this sort of behaviour, but not frequently.  At the most I have seen
connections drop after 2 weeks.

I'm running OS9 5 server and 5.5 clients on PC and Mac.  What I can say is Appletalk
can drop and TCP not, TCP can drop and Appletalk not. But this is not common.  I do
remember (back when having problems) that some normal Mac Extentions should be
disabled, I did and it cleared thing up - this was back when running server 3.0 on
OS9 on the same computer before upgrading to v5 - maybe it is still relivant, but I
don't remember what they were.

Your network:  Make sure ALL swithes and routers etc are on UPS systems.  A power
flicker can cause problems.  I do know that NetGear switches (even on a good APC UPS)
will drop on a power bump - I don't know why.  I actually added a battery in the DC
supply to filter out the power bumps on these switches - this cured them from
dropping connections.

I don't read this group frequently, so email me if you have comments


5.Create new Frame - No source code (unavailable)


I trying to create a frame using Vision, so I choose one application
then Edit
after this I press F4 to create a Vision or Procedure. After this I
have it in "Frame/Procedure Name" and I can Edit it, but when I try to
"Go(F9)" I received the message "Missing or unreadable source file..."
"ABF can not open the source file..." but I sure I have access to
this directory. The problem is the file OSQ is not being created in
this directory.

Any ideas ?


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