Text Cropped in Multi-Page Layout


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  • 1. Search selected ... thanks
    Thanks for your help. I use the "Helpful Harry" 's solution. It's ok. "Howard Schlossberg" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote > > If Color_Selected is not a global field, then it has no value in it when > you are in find mode, so there is nothing to use as your find criteria. > > If what you are trying to do is select a color (as text) in one field and > search a container field, then this isn't going to do it. Let us know and > we can help with this. > > If you are trying to take whatever color was set to Color_Selected in > Browse mode, and that field is a regular (non-global) field, and you are > trying to find all the Colors that match, then you will need to grab the > value of Color_Selected into a script variable before entering Find mode > and then use that variable to set the Color field while in Find mode. > > If you can explain a little more what you are trying to do, perhaps we can > be a little more specific in helping you through the issue. > > Howard
  • 2. [solved] : Search selected.. Thank you
    Thank you very much "Helpful Harry". With your help, my problem is solved "Helpful Harry" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote : > The Find command (whether manually performed or via a Script) is ALWAYS > performed on ALL the records in the Table. > > For your script you would need something like: > > Go To Layout ["Home"] > Modify Last Find > Insert Calculated Result [Select; Color; Color_Selected] > Perform Find [] > If ... > > Helpful Harry > Hopefully helping harassed humans happily handle handiwork hardships ;o)
  • 3. Search selected OR from all records
    Hi, In the DB, there are 3 fields : Object (text) Color (yellow, blue, red) Color_Selected : pop-up menu displays values from Color list then I create the Script "Color_Find": Go to Layout ["Home"] Enter Find Mode [] Insert Calculated Result [Select; Color; Color_Selected] Perform Find [] If [Get(foundCount =0)] ... else ... End If First, I search for some objects then execute "Color_Find", the problem that "Color_Find" gives always the results from all records in the DB and not from my first result ! There must be a mistake somewhere !!!!! Thank you for showing the error.
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    Thank you very much for your very quick answer and your idea is excellent. my problem is solved now. Thank again "Helpful Harry" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news:130120080936025088% XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > > Multiple data values in Checkbox formatted fields are separated by > Return characters, so the calculation would be: > > Set Field [Object_types; "type_1" & "{Ret}" & "type_2"] > > > Helpful Harry > Hopefully helping harassed humans happily handle handiwork hardships ;o)
  • 5. Printer setup in fm 8.5
    I'm working with a mac network, FM Server 8 Advanced and clients on FM 8.5. I have a script that loops through several hundred records, and must use a print dialog for each record. I want the client to select their preferred printer the first time through the loop, and then have the print dialog suppressed for the remaining records. Neither of the script steps, Print Setup and Print, seem to include an option for selecting 'Default Printer' as the destination for the print job. Is there a way to set up the script so the printer will default to whatever the client selected for the first record? thanks, Lanse FM 8.5 Advanced, Mac

Text Cropped in Multi-Page Layout

Postby jahn » Wed, 28 Oct 2009 03:31:42 GMT

I suspect this is a pretty standard problem, but I wasn't able to find
information about it on the boards or FileMaker's site.  I've got a
layout for printing a single text field that extends across multiple
pages.  When it crosses from one page to another in Preview, the
document loses part of a line or even a whole line.  The layout is
just one part -- Body -- and just one field -- Contract.  Sliding is
not turned on and there are no other objects on the layout.

I gather from FM's help file that the program isn't able to detect
when text is crossing a page boundary and so can't do anything about
formatting multi-page fields, but perhaps someone has a workaround?
I'm on Mac OSX with FM10 Adv.  Any help much appreciated.


Re: Text Cropped in Multi-Page Layout

Postby Lynn Allen » Wed, 28 Oct 2009 04:29:54 GMT

On 2009-10-26 11:31:42 -0700, jahn < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > said:

This has been a problem for many versions. Even through complete 
changes in how FM addresses printer drivers. :/  HP printers are 
notoriously the worst.

Best fix when you don't have the option of splitting text into smaller 
chunks is to pick a specific line spacing by pixels (such as 14) for 
the text block that fits properly onto the page. This reduces the 
number of times FM has to choose where to put a line at the bottom of 
the page.

Try also using a merge field. Sometimes, depending on printer or font 
used, this works better.

Of course, remember that FM is not a page layout or text editing 
program. It's never going to be as good as one of those. Where 
precision or complex formatting is necessary, it's generally better to 
export to Word or other app. There are ways to use XML and XSLT style 
sheets to do this elegantly.
Lynn Allen
Member FBA
FM 10 Certified Developer

Re: Text Cropped in Multi-Page Layout

Postby jahn » Wed, 28 Oct 2009 12:31:32 GMT

Dang, that's too bad.  I've always heard the line about FM not being a
word processor, but then I've always found that it handles complex,
multi-table, subsubsubsummarized datasets really well.  I guess I've
never had a huge chunk of text I had to set down in the middle of the
page and extend for miles.  I'll give your line spacing idea a shot
and see how it works.  Thanks for the quick advice.


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