developer7 and standalone 5.5 suddenly started crashing


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    So my bound solution is still having a printing issue. The solution was developed on MAC 10.2. The page set up is saved and the Page Set Up script step is implemented before the Print step (which shows the dialog window) On 2 different OS 9 systems on 2 different windows systems and on 3 different OSX systems the print function works just fine. The printers have all been Epson or HP. Its only on one OS9 system (which I don't have direct access to) that print routine fails. The script is activated from data base A and goes to a set of related records in data base B and prints from a layout in data base B. After printing is finished, data base B utilizes the Hide window script step and then pops back over to data base A and the original layout. The prints being produced on the OS 9 system in question are of the originating data base A, it prints the window with print button etc. instead of the intended layout in data base B. The routine is fine on all other printers. Any ideas?? The printer is a Canon BJC-85 Has anyone run into this problem before? Thanks Loulou
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    Hi. I've built a quite complicated database for tracking clients, projects, logging work, etcetera for my company, over the last few years. Now I'ld like to build a web-interface so users can use all the layouts and functionality prepared in the database via a web-browser. Is this feasible? How should I go about it? What version and licences do I need? Do I have to make new layouts and scripting for those webpages, or does Filemaker have a tool for instant publishing? Right now I'm working with a mainly apple network and Filemaker 4 Software. Thanks for any pointers, insights, links, help... Cheers, Freddy.
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    Hi After using FMP6 for a few days, I have seen how easy it is to create a working solution, but I would like some more info before I commit to the product, so if anyone could answer some questions I have, it would be a great help. 1. If I wish to develope multi users databases for clients, am I correct to think the Developer version is what I need ? 2. Will I be able to change the menu items, turn off the icons on the left with my final product. 3. How flexible are the scripts. I am thinking along the line of say..Invoicing, after I enter the invoice, I would like the ability for FMP to print the invoice, then subtract the inventory quantity against the invoice quantity. 4. How much real life data can FMP handle, the average workstations our clients are between 5-20 users, min Win98SE with 256MB memory, the server are ranged from Netware 3.12 to Netware 5.0, NT4 server to Windows 2000 server, record size are 15 tables and around 9'000 records, daily input of around 500. Just wish to make sure the software wont run out of steam after a few years. 5. If the database became too large for FMP to handle, will it be an easy task to migrate to MySQL or MS-SQL and still use FMP as a front end to access. Many thanks for your input.
  • 4. Dreamweaver MX, Lasso Studio 6 and FileMaker Pro 6.0
    I have a customer for whom I'm developing a CD catalog. They also want to put it on a web site. They use FileMaker Pro to track their inventory and this will be used to supply information to the web site. Dreamweaver MX is being used to develope the CD catalog and web site. I downloaded a trial copy of Lasso 6 to join the FileMaker database to the Dreamweaver site. I followed the instruction which came with Lasso 6 but I cannot get it to recognize the FileMaker database. I am using OSX 10.2.8 as my operating system. Any suggestions and recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

developer7 and standalone 5.5 suddenly started crashing

Postby pam in canada » Sat, 24 Sep 2005 10:12:17 GMT

Crashing problems:
FM Developer 7 - crash on print and print setup
FM 5.5 - crash on launch of any file

Win2000, 1Ghz, P4
Standalone software
HP printers

I recently tried to install FM Server 7 Server Admin Tools onto my
win2000 laptop in order to use the remote administrative tools. There
was some confusion on the account name and I had to abort the install.
 (side note - FM says you have to have both the correct account name
AND the license key to install certain software now - on developer
and server as far as I know.)

Anyway, now I crash at print setup and/or print with Developer7
"filemakerDev.e.exe has generated errors....error log"
every time.
I have HPLaserJet 2100, HPLaserJet 4000 printers that all have worked
fine for ages.

and FM 5.5 is now crashing when I try to launch any file at all.
"filemaker Pro.e.exe has generated errors.....error log..."
(Though, as another aside, it seems there is contention on the Xerox
Tektronix Phaser 860 with FM 5.5 and printing. When all was working, if
i plugged into that guy, I crashed every time at print.)

so do you think I have to reinstall the 5.5 and dev7? Any other
suggestions? Did some .dll get squished when I tried to install the
server7 stuff? Will server7 SAT work on win2k? is that what mashed me?

Re: developer7 and standalone 5.5 suddenly started crashing

Postby FP » Sat, 24 Sep 2005 12:54:37 GMT

I find it's only about a 5 minute job to reinstall FM, I'm guessing it
took you longer to write up the explanation.  Why not give it a try,
worst thing that happens, it still doesn't work.

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