Host not displayed in local host section...


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Host not displayed in local host section...

Postby Batfastad » Sat, 13 Dec 2003 07:14:19 GMT

Our filemaker server used to be listed in the hosts dialog in the local
hosts section.
Then I messed about with some network cables to get our macs working on
the network better.

Somehow everyone got disconnected - not sure how as I didn't go near
any of the PC workstations network cables.

Now I have to manually specify the IP address of our filemaker server
to get it to show in the hosts box.

Anyone know what I've done and how I can sort it out?



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1."local hosts" is empty; must use "Specify Hosts"

We had a slight network meltdown this morning, from which we have
recovered 99%. The only issue is that users are having trouble logging
onto FileMaker Server.

We're running FMS 5.0 on Windows Server 2003. Clients are running FMP
6.0 on both Macs and PCs. Prior to the "meltdown," users are not able
to access the server by going through Open > Hosts > Local Hosts. The
Local Hosts screen is blank. However, if we add the local IP address
under "Specify Hosts," everything shows up fine.

I realize this might be more of a networking issue than a FileMaker
issue, but I'm not sure how to fix it.

Our network is very simple. Everyone's on the same subnet. The router
assigns DHCP to clients. DNS is controlled by our Small Business

Other services running on the Windows Server/FileMaker Server are
accessible (file sharing and printing).

Can anyone point me in the right direction on this?


2.onstat -g sql output - host variables section


I thought that the variables listed in the "Host variables" section
aligned with the fields given in the "Current SQL statement" section
located just before the "Host variables" output. But, as shown in this
example, this does not appear to be the case. I looked at the values
in the actual table and they do not match up.

Here is the onstat -g sql 113 output:

Current SQL statement :
  select * from txchgdef where txchgdef.txch_mt_sw = ? and
    txchgdef.txch_ar_cat = ? and txchgdef.txch_prop_id = ? and
    txchgdef.txch_year = ? and txchgdef.txch_list_no = ? and
    txchgdef.txch_chg_def = ?

Host variables :
   address            type       flags
value                                    I added this part
   0x0700000037d08038 SMINT      0x000 1                       <--
txchgdef.txch_mt_sw     <-- OK
   0x0700000037d080c8 SMINT      0x000 20                     <--
txchgdef.txch_ar_cat      <-- OK
   0x0700000037d08158 SMINT      0x000 2010                 <--
txchgdef.txch_year         <-- Out Of Order
   0x0700000037d081e8 INT           0x000 2144                 <--
txchgdef.txch_list_no      <-- Out Of Order
   0x0700000037d08278 CHAR       0x000 020600000089E <--
txchgdef.txch_prop_id    <-- Out Of Order
   0x0700000037d08308 CHAR       0x000 TAX                  <--
txchgdef.txch_chg_def    <-- OK

And here is the relevant section from a dbaccess screen that shows the
actual values and which fields they belong to:

txch_mt_sw         1
txch_ar_cat        20
txch_prop_id       020600000089E
txch_year          2010
txch_list_no       2144
txch_chg_def       TAX

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Is it possible to delete FileMaker server host IP addresses in the
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Which file has these settings?

4.[Info-Ingres] Stack dump on auditdb - good host vs bad host

Hi Everyone,

I have two hosts, both running: II 9.0.4 (a64.lnx/105)NPTL + patch 12343
                  both running: Fedora Core release 5 (Bordeaux)

If I create a brand new database(call it bowtest).
Checkpoint it turning journaling on.
Then execute: auditdb bowtest -b`date +%d-%b-%Y` (ie. Today it will
give: auditdb bowtest -b26-Sep-2007)

One host is perfectly OK with this command. 

The other generates the frontend error: 
Wed Sep 26 10:53:02 2007 E_DM904A_FATAL_EXCEPTION       A fatal error
has occurred in the DMF Facility.

And in the errlog we see a STACK TRACE message:
::[                , ac874200]: Wed Sep 26 10:53:02 2007 Segmentation
Violation (SIGSEGV) @PC 00002aaaaadc5352
RSP 00007fff37b6b120  RBP 00007fff37b6b2a8  RSI 00002aaaac6d70b0
RDI 00000000005341c0  RAX 00000000005de000  RBX 0000000000000000
RCX 0000000000548000  RDX 00007fff00000000

-----------BEGIN STACK TRACE------------
0: 00007fff37b6b2a8
[0x2aaaaadc5352](0000000046fa2bfe 00002aaaaac6a8df 000000000050f533
-----------END STACK TRACE----------

I've checked the on both hosts with both a simple ls and sum
-r and they are identical.
The LD_LIBRARY_PATH is the same on both hosts.

On the bad host if I do auditdb '#c1' bowtest the output is OK!

The problem also occurs on all the existing databases in the bad host as
well. It also occurs on a secondary installation I put on the bad host.

Anyone got any ideas?

Martin Bowes
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       the therapy.

5.Hosts List not showing in win XP sp2

Hi Guys

I have a little problem, on 2 machines running windows XP SP2, files do not 
appear in the hosts list. However specify host workes. All other machines, 
including some running XP SP2 work fine. Any ideas
I'm using server 5.5  Filemaker 6

Thanks in advance

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