Preventing page break between records belonging to a Part



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Preventing page break between records belonging to a Part

Postby Gareth » Wed, 21 Dec 2005 08:55:24 GMT

I have a report (a multiple chocie exam!)  that prints in blocks.  Each
block is made up of records (quesiton options) clustered under a
sub-summary part (the question stems).

Question 1 Stem
   Option A
   Option B
   Option C

Question 2 Stem
   Option A
   Option B
   Option C

Question 3 Stem
   Option A
   Option B
   Option C

What can I do to prevent a page break occuring in the middle of a block
of options.

It is a shame that FMP does not have a part setting that says "don't
allow any all the parts associated with this sub-summary part to break
across page boundaries" :-)

I remember reading some years ago about a trick in which a calculation
field would work out which page certain records had ended up on... thus
allowing an 'on the fly' fix....  but before I try and work that out,
is there a 'regular' way of keeping all the options and the stem of
their question together on the same page?

Re: Preventing page break between records belonging to a Part

Postby Bill Marriott » Wed, 21 Dec 2005 09:20:58 GMT

You could use portals.

Each question would be a "body" part, and the options could be "related 

This way, you can specify that the body part not break across page 

- Bill

Re: Preventing page break between records belonging to a Part

Postby Gareth » Wed, 21 Dec 2005 12:13:33 GMT

Nice idea, Bill.

The problem is that each Option can be of variable length... and
portals probably won't neatly accomodate fields of variable size.

Your approach gave me the idea to make a concantenation of all the
options to make a single field... but then I'd lose any special
formatting in the individual options.

What a shame FMP can't just not split 'grouped' records...  a brief
flick through of the forums indicates that lots of peolple seem to have
this problem :-(

- Gareth

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