Why would Hosts suddenly become unavailable?


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Re: Why would Hosts suddenly become unavailable?

Postby Brent » Sat, 24 Apr 2004 12:32:19 GMT

I have also seen this sort of behaviour, but not frequently.  At the most I have seen
connections drop after 2 weeks.

I'm running OS9 5 server and 5.5 clients on PC and Mac.  What I can say is Appletalk
can drop and TCP not, TCP can drop and Appletalk not. But this is not common.  I do
remember (back when having problems) that some normal Mac Extentions should be
disabled, I did and it cleared thing up - this was back when running server 3.0 on
OS9 on the same computer before upgrading to v5 - maybe it is still relivant, but I
don't remember what they were.

Your network:  Make sure ALL swithes and routers etc are on UPS systems.  A power
flicker can cause problems.  I do know that NetGear switches (even on a good APC UPS)
will drop on a power bump - I don't know why.  I actually added a battery in the DC
supply to filter out the power bumps on these switches - this cured them from
dropping connections.

I don't read this group frequently, so email me if you have comments


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::[                , ac874200]: Wed Sep 26 10:53:02 2007 Segmentation
Violation (SIGSEGV) @PC 00002aaaaadc5352
RSP 00007fff37b6b120  RBP 00007fff37b6b2a8  RSI 00002aaaac6d70b0
RDI 00000000005341c0  RAX 00000000005de000  RBX 0000000000000000
RCX 0000000000548000  RDX 00007fff00000000

-----------BEGIN STACK TRACE------------
0: 00007fff37b6b2a8 libscf.1.so(sca_add_datatypes+0x312)
[0x2aaaaadc5352](0000000046fa2bfe 00002aaaaac6a8df 000000000050f533
-----------END STACK TRACE----------

I've checked the libscf.so.1 on both hosts with both a simple ls and sum
-r and they are identical.
The LD_LIBRARY_PATH is the same on both hosts.

On the bad host if I do auditdb '#c1' bowtest the output is OK!

The problem also occurs on all the existing databases in the bad host as
well. It also occurs on a secondary installation I put on the bad host.

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