FMS 5.5 on Windows Server 2003?



  • 1. Calculation Field Help
    I have a calculation field that is suppose to search for a string within a field, and assign a value if it finds it, otherwise assign another value. CMycalField = If (AdOrder = "*trk*", 2, 1) Where the result is a number. I was hoping to find the letters "trk" somewhere in the field and if found assign 2 to CMycalField, if not assign 1. It assigns everything 1. Can someone help clarify this for me Thanks
  • 2. SEND MAIL script with check box
    okay - i've figured out how to make a check box into a button that performs a SEND MAIL script. but - i can't figure out how to add a step to the script that checks the box! now that it's a button it doesn't check when i click on it... someone suggested what the script should read like but as i can't write it in text and import it i need help setting it up through scrptmaker. THANKS!
  • 3. Recoverery from canceled script?
    I can't seem to figure this one out. I have a script that prints out a statement, but just before it prints it displays the page to be printed in preview mode and pauses. Then the user (me) either hits continue to print or cancel to abort the script. The problem is that canceling leaves me in browse mode on the print layout. I'd like to go back to the page that called the script, but I can't see how to "capture" the cancel and continue with the script. There doesn't seem to be a an error code for this. In other words I'd like to be able to abort the printing and then have the script do something else like take me back to another layout instead of just exiting. I suppose I could put up a message dialog asking if I'd like to print or cancel but that's a bit awkward plus I'm going to print 95% of the time. FMP 4.02 on Mac. Thanks. -- Real Address-> <- replace 0 with @ Bill Gates couldn't innovate his way out of a paper bag.
  • 4. I can't get a text calculation to contain a repeating field.
    I want to add a sendmail script using repeating field(x3). The text calculation is used to generate the body text of a quote via email. Every part of the calculation works fine except for the repeating fields. I can not get a simple result (example shown below) out of two repeating field. Qty U PROD COST 100 lbs Sugar .25 250 lbs Sugar .22 500 lbs Sugar .20 Q_Qty is a repeating field x3 Q_Cost is a repeating field x3 Unit and Product are both text fields Any help with this script would be appreciated. Carl

FMS 5.5 on Windows Server 2003?

Postby Shatterbug » Sun, 13 Feb 2005 16:08:04 GMT

Anyone hosting Filemaker Server 5.0/5.5 on Windows Server 2003?  Any
recommendations, caveats or horror stories?


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I just upgraded my server from a NT4 server to a windows 2003 server with 
new hardware (currently running 2 times Xeon 2.8, 2 GB RAM, 4 X 10K rpm 74GB 
in raid 5 configuration). Everything works fine (no speed problems, using 
1Gbit switch) only filemaker is extremely slow. I configured filemaker 
server 5.5 to use 40MB (maximum). If the clients want to open a lot of files 
simutaniously (I'm using a lot of portals) or want to print huge lists, 
filemaker is extremely slowly. I checked the cpu usage and network usage, 
but it peaks at 0.7 %, so I don't think the cpu is the problem... .The 
clients are using Filemaker 5.5 and filemaker 6.0 .
In the early situation, I used a pentium II 400Mhz, 128MB server and it 
worked faster :-(.

Is anyone else experiencing the same problems and does anybody has any 

Thanks in advance,

Jurgen Lemmens 

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I've bought Filemaker 7 Pro Server advanced and Windows Server 2003 

I've made a nice database in Filemaker Pro 7 using only scriptsteps that are 
browsercompatible. NO problem... very nice result but... Setting up Windows 
2003 Server and Filemaker Pro 7 advanced is a ...
If I look in the manuals of both Windows and Filemaker I get 1001 different 
settingpossibilities, and I just don't want to learn it all because it is 
not usefull to me. There must be some standard settings I schould do in 
Windows Server and Filemaker Pro Server advanced so that I can make my 
database available over the internet by using browsers.
Is there somebody out there who can tell me how to set up Windows Server and 
Filemaker Pro 7 SErver advanced. Just what I should do. Nothing more, 
nothing less.

Thank you.


PS I'v opend all the ports mentioned in the Filemaker manual and I have a 
fixed IP-adress. 

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I'm really frustrated because I've bought Filemaker Pro 7 Server Advanced 
and Windows Server 2003 ($$$!!!) and I'm not able to configure all of this 
(for months now). There are just to many possibilities and I just don't know 
what to enter. The manuals aren't clear (as usual with filemaker). Is there 
somebody who can tell me how to configure step by step Windows Server 2003 
on one hand and Filemaker Server Advanced on the other so that I can serve 
filemaker files over the internet which anables me to login remotely (using 
Filemaker pro 7) to access my Filemaker files.

Thank you very much!

I love Filemaker, but I hate Filemaker Server Advanced! 

5.FMS 5.5 and XP?

I have a client who is primarily using XP, but got W2K for the FM Server
based on the system requirements listed by FMI.

Now he's adding servers at two other locations, and would prefer to use XP.
I haven't encountered, or heard of, any problems with XP and FMS 5.5, so I'm
inclined to tell him to go ahead, but that System Req list worries me.

Has anyone had any problems with FMS 5.5 and XP? Has FMI commented on this
somewhere that I missed?

btw: I know he should upgrade to 7, but that expense and time just isn't in
the cards at the moment.



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