Using Applescript to Send Emails from FMP in System X



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Using Applescript to Send Emails from FMP in System X

Postby bfak » Fri, 10 Jun 2005 13:34:17 GMT


I'm using Filemaker Pro 6 on Mac OS X (10.3.9).

I just switched from 9 to X.

I have a database called ROLODEX.  In addition to phone numbers and
addresses, it has email addresses and web pages.

I've always used scripts within FMP to go to web pages and send
emails.  I used Netscape Communicator as my emailer and Internet
Explorer as my browser.

Now that I'm in 10, I've been able to script going to a web page
(in Firefox).  However, I haven't been able to script sending an
email.  I've tried Thunderbird, Eudora and Mail.

Below is the script I used in System 9 with Netscape Communicator (the
general concept of this script doesn't work with any of the
previously listed 10 email applications).  The script is embedded in a
field, which instructs FMP to copy the email address (field name is
"E1") and then open a message in the email program with that email
address in it:

"tell application ""Macintosh HD:Applications (Mac OS
9):INTERNET:Netscape Communicator?Folder:Netscape Communicator?"
    OpenURL ""mailto:" & E1 & """?
end tell"

Do you have a script that is equivalent to this that will work with
either Thunderbird, Eudora or Mail?

I'd appreciate it if someone could help on this.  I didn't want to
leave Netscape Communicator for a System 10 mail program until I got
this issue worked out.



Re: Using Applescript to Send Emails from FMP in System X

Postby Spare The Spam » Fri, 22 Jul 2005 02:00:11 GMT

> ?
>     OpenURL ""mailto:" & E1 & """?
>     activate?
> end tell"

You may have grossed-out a lot of people by trying to use Applescript 
and referencing a classic application by full path name.  A simple "how 
do I open a new email message from FMP?" would surely have received an 

If that is really all you wanted to do, it's trivial. The following will 
use your preferred email program, which you can set to anything you want.

The FMP script is just "open URL" [field value E1_MailTo], where 
E1_MailTo is a FMP calculation field "mailto: " & E1

If you were actually trying to create a series of form letters, a 
natural objective when working with a database,  there are more 
efficient ways to do this.

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Modify "ann_example" per your account.


use Mac::AppleScript qw(RunAppleScript);

# In Preferences you must set uncheck Warn before allowing an external
application to send mail
# You may have to check remember my password when you send a message
from Entourage so you don't get prompted to log in to your IMAP

my $subject = "The igawk file you wanted : Test ACFD1FE";

my $content=<<EOF;
Attached is igawk.1.pdf

my $recipient = ' XXXX@XXXXX.COM ';

my $script=<<EOF;
tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
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RunAppleScript($script) or die "Didn't work!";

2.Sending email with attachment using AppleScript

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activate application "Microsoft Entourage"
set filepath to "Macintosh HD:Users:test:del2pdf"
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set newMessage to make new draft window
make new attachment at newMessage with properties {file:filepath}
end tell

It works just fine when I call it directly from the script editor.
However I need to execute this script from my application , therefore
I use Carbon framework (see code snippet at the end)
In this case some strange thing happens : sometimes new email message
is created with attachment but attached file has been deleted and when
I click send I got error indicating non-existent attachment file.
Wht;s even more strange that sometimes file is not deleted and sending
is successful.
 I double checked my code and I do NOT delete attachment file  it
feels like Entourage deletes it before sending email.
Can anybody help with this issue ? Any ideas?


OSStatus LowRunAppleScript(const void* text, long textLength,
                                  AEDesc *resultData) {
    ComponentInstance theComponent;
    AEDesc scriptTextDesc;
    OSStatus err;
    OSAID scriptID, resultID;

    /* set up locals to a known state */
    theComponent = NULL;
    AECreateDesc(typeNull, NULL, 0, &scriptTextDesc);
    scriptID = kOSANullScript;
    resultID = kOSANullScript;

    /* open the scripting component */
    theComponent = OpenDefaultComponent(kOSAComponentType,
    if (theComponent == NULL) { err = paramErr; goto bail; }

    /* put the script text into an aedesc */
    err = AECreateDesc(typeChar, text, textLength, &scriptTextDesc);
    if (err != noErr) goto bail;

    /* compile the script */
    err = OSACompile(theComponent, &scriptTextDesc,
                     kOSAModeNull, &scriptID);
    if (err != noErr) goto bail;

    /* run the script */
    err = OSAExecute(theComponent, scriptID, kOSANullScript,
                     kOSAModeNull, &resultID);

    /* collect the results - if any */
    if (resultData != NULL) {
        AECreateDesc(typeNull, NULL, 0, resultData);
        if (err == errOSAScriptError) {
            OSAScriptError(theComponent, kOSAErrorMessage,
                           typeChar, resultData);
        } else if (err == noErr && resultID != kOSANullScript) {
            OSADisplay(theComponent, resultID, typeChar,
                       kOSAModeNull, resultData);

    if (scriptID != kOSANullScript) OSADispose(theComponent,
    if (resultID != kOSANullScript) OSADispose(theComponent,
    if (theComponent != NULL) CloseComponent(theComponent);
    return err;

3.Send email from FMP through MS Outlook

FMP 8.02, WIN XP

When we try to send an email from FMP, MS Outlook give us a warning, saying

"A program is automatically try to send an email on your behalf. Do you want
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I assume this is to catch viruses trying to propagate themselves, but it
adds an unnecessary step in our process.

Is there any way to configure Outlook to accept email requests without
question from our FMP file?


Scott C.

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tell application "FileMaker Developer"
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	end repeat
end tell

Jon Lanclos
The Discovery Group Inc.

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I recently switched to OSX 10.3 and am now having problems with my
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Filemaker Pro and paste it into MS Word, I now get one of two messages...

1. The variable paste is not defined (Error -2753) OR
2. Microsoft Word got an error: can continue <event MSWDactv> (Error

My applescripts looks like this:

tell application "Finder"
    select file "e-Letterhead.doc"
    open selection
end tell
tell application "Microsoft Word"
end tell


tell application "Finder"
    select file "e-Letterhead.doc"
    open selection
end tell
tell application "Microsoft Word"
    do Visual Basic "Selection.MoveDown Unit:=wdScreen, Count:=1"
    do Visual Basic "Selection.EndKey Unit:=wdLine"
    paste clipboard
end tell

It also seems to have screwed up for those using it on OS 9.2...

Ie run out of options at the Apple and Filemaker sites... So any help
would be greatly appreciated!

Debra Clinton
Cambridge Management Planning Inc.
Tel. 416-484-8408  Fax: 416-484-0151

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