monowall wireless problem



  • 1. Port 515 Print Spooler issue
    Recent shields-up scan showed my port 515 (print spooler) open -- all else is stealth. Not sure why it should be open on the WAN side -- I don't use my router's print server, just the printer on one computer and have it as a shared resoure on the LAN. How can I close port 515 on the WAN side? thx Alan
  • 2. ZoneAlarm Pro and router ?
    I have a Netgear router on my home network consisting of 3 computers. I don't always run all three computers simultaneously since each has different uses for me. Right now, ZAP v3.5 has my Network listed in the firwall zones as Trusted. The IP address is the one set up by the router,, not the IP address assigned by my ISP for connection to the internet. All computers can connect to the internet with no problems and all can connect to each other. I'm just wondering if that networking IP setting should be Trusted or Internet. I've set it to either and it doesn't seem to make any difference in how the computers work. Internet Zone Security is set to High, Trusted Zone is set to Medium. I'm just wondering what's the best way to set the Newtork for best security, should it be Internet or Trusted?. ZAP picks Trusted by default. I'm using Windows98SE simple peer-to-peer network I have all the IPs for each computer listed in ZAP Zones as Trusted. Hope the way I've explained this isn't too confusing. Btw, I will be upgrading to WinXP in the future on this computer and wondering if, with the router, I'll even need ZAP anymore (which is why I haven't upgraded it yet) or will the XP firewall will be sufficient? Thanks so much for any help. Patty
  • 3. lsass.exe and kerio
    I recently installed Kerio 2.1.5 and noticed that by default it set up a rule for Lsass.Exe to communicate both in and out on certain remote ports 88 and 389. I'm wondering if it's necessary to have this rule enabled. Does Lsass.Exe need to access the internet for some reason? I don't recall it needing access in ZA. Kerio also created a rule for Winlogon.Exe on a remote port 389. Is this needed either? I'm running Win 2K here.
  • 4. How to enable a web server behind a NIS firewall?
    My home network is behind a firewall/router system running W2K and NIS 2003. I have an old system running SUSE 9 or Mandrake 9.2 (it changes day to day) running apache2. How do I set it up so requests to my ISP address (semi static as long as I don't powerdown my cable modem) are forwarded to the linux box? I tried a couple of google searches but I'm not sure what questions to ask. TIA WayneC

monowall wireless problem

Postby Matteo Cangi » Wed, 21 Apr 2004 05:22:23 GMT

hi all,
i'm trying to setup a firewall/router/access point using the monowall 
distro following the istructions in
 http://www.**--****.com/ ,24330,3588031,00.html

everything OK with the lan interface but i cannot ping internal/external 
host from wireless client

i've configured the firewall rules, do i have to enable some other 
things? (nat ecc..)

thanks for any help

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