BEFSX41-CA v2 bios 1.50.18



  • 1. nat concerns
    Hello All, We have a pix 515e with version 6.3. I have setup static inside to outside maps for a few internal addresses. I have noticed that behind the firewall, the outside mapped addresses no longer resolve but outside the firewall the maps work fine. For the longest time this was acceptable but it has now become pertinent that people inside have the ability to reference these outside addresses from inside. What is the best way to go about adding this loopback functionality without creating a huge security hole. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Scott
  • 2. Help interpreting Windows netstat -ab command results
    Can someon advise a beginner on the netstat -ab results? Looking for hidden listening devices, with nothing overtly running, I see the following results. C:\> netstat -ab Active Connections Proto Local Address Foreign Address State PID TCP PC:microsoft-ds PC:0 LISTENING 4 [System] TCP PC:netbios-ssn PC:0 LISTENING 4 [System] UDP PC:microsoft-ds *:* 4 [System] UDP PC:netbios-dgm *:* 4 [System] UDP PC:netbios-ns *:* 4 [System] Can you help a newbie? Do you have insight as to what these strange connections are?
  • 3. Dynamic Routing
    I have a Linksys BEFSX41 router. One of the options is "Dynamic Routing." It also offers a few options if you select Dynamic Routing. As you might expect, Linksys does little to explain why one would need to use Dynamic Routing. It offers Static Routing for networks with multiple routers. If I am not using Dynamic Routing nor Static Routing - both are offered as options - the what type of Routing is my network using? My system is a home network that includes both desktops hardwired to the router and a Linksys WAP54G wireless access point. The router connects to a cable modem. Is Dynamic Routing something that would enhance the network or is it something for larger and more complex systems?
  • 4. running a suse file server from behind a linksys router
    I finally set up my old computer as a linux file server and i have no problem connecting to it from the inside... I set up the portforwarding using port 22. However, when I try to access it from the outside it says that the port has been disabled for security reasons... or closed for security reasons... I have no idea whats wrong... could it be that my ISP is blocking that port so noone can run servers and such from home?!!!!
  • 5. Ports 2601 & 2601 opened
    This morning I scanned my outside IP and found two ports opened that have never been open before. TCP port 2601 and 2602. Our last scan was Thursday and those ports weren't open then. They have only shown up as of this morning. They seem to be riscp-client / Zebra and riscp-server / RIPd. The Zebra and RIPd are a Unix BSD server application but I am a Windows box. I can't find any application or process that may be listening on these two ports. I also can't find any information about what app or process might use them. They don't show up when I scan the inside IP so they must be related to the router or WAN in some way. Anybody have an idea about these ports and why they might be open? Thx

BEFSX41-CA v2 bios 1.50.18

Postby JJ » Fri, 22 Sep 2006 23:09:21 GMT


To make this short, does anyone know if I can flash this router with the 
"NON CA" version of firmware  1.52.10 or any other firmware for the BEFSX41?

Spent hours on the phone with Linksys and they say there is no firmware 
update for my model...and to "bring it back to the store"!!!!

Thanks Very Much,


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