Sygate Personal Firewall & Hauppauge Nova-T TV card



  • 1. MSN Instant Messanger 6 +ZoneAlarm
    Does anyone know how to get the free ZoneAlarm to allow MSN Instant Messager 6 to work in audio chat mode?
  • 2. Need Firewall Recommendation
    Hello everybody, I'm currently using Norton Internet Security for a firewall but I want a recommendation for an alternative. Here's why: I no longer want to use Symantec's products due to their move to "product authorization" and "limited activations". I'm not going to hassle with them like I did MS with authorizing XP. No, too much BS. (I have legal copies of NIS and NAV, before anybody asks, and have been buying them since they murdered^H^H^H^H^H^H consumed AtGuard.) I need a firewall that does the one thing that NIS does: allow me to filter outgoing connections on a per-application basis --- to stop certain software packages from phoning home or otherwise. For example, I need the ability to let Eudora connect to my mail server, but no other servers (to stop ads, web bugs, etc). I need to know what app is making an outgoing connection, to what server, and be able to build rules to allow or block. Are there any other firewalls that can do this? I paid for NIS2003 a couple months ago and don't like it as well as NIS2002, and with this product authorization going in to effect, I no longer wish to patronize Symantec. (any recommendations on antivirus products? I'm thinking about Trend Micro's PC-Cillan to replace NAV) Thanks in advance Jay
  • 3. ZoneAlarm and NAT Router: How long to timeout?
    In looking at ZoneAlarm's log files, I see where it has blocked incoming packets destined for my newsreader. Now, I don't recall if my newsreader was up and running at the time the packet was blocked, but it raises a couple of questions. 1) Usually, a NAT router will not transfer an incoming packet to a destination machine unless the destination machine (client) has initiated some sort of contact. (Or if port forwarding is turned on, which it is not.) Thus, an internally generated packet to an NNTP server:port119 will create a table entry in the NAT router and returning packets are routed accordingly. How long will this table entry exist? 2) Likewise with ZoneAlarm: How long will ZoneAlarm continue to *not* block packets expected by an application when that application has been terminated? For example, I fired up Aqualime (a LimeWire P2P clone) for about 5 minutes. Then I shut it down. About 15 minutes later, PeerGuardian is reporting that connections were denied from a known undesirable source. The second part to this question is: does PeerGuardian intercept the connection first or does ZoneAlarm? Thanks. Brian Smither -- Remove INVALID from e-mail address.
  • 4. Ah, wait, I see how it's done
    Someone alerted me how the nice Mr. Scheidell did his work... woe unto me and the NNTP-Posting-Host field. Ah well, I've learned my lesson. Mr. Scheidell, however, is still an ass. - Tim --
  • 5. NG Feedback - I Made a FW Decision
    First, allow me to say that I used ZoneAlarm Pro 2.6 for several years with Win98se and it worked fine for me. I had major problems with the early version of ZA 3.x and went back to ZA 2.6 (required a reformat). Three weeks ago, I upgraded to Windows XP and the ZA Forum suggested that I NOT try to use ZA 2.6 with XP. I was fearful of the newer versions of ZA. So I tried to install Kerio, which by all accounts is a top FW. I tried for 3-4 hours, but my skill level for this FW was not up to the task. IMHO, Kerio is not for a middle of road User like myself , which is the caution in PC Magazine, CNET, and even this NG. Still nervous about ZA. So I tried Sygate based on primarily on this NG's guidance as a top FW. Installation was smooth and after 10 or 15 minutes, I felt at home. Used 2-3 of the common on-line FW tests to include the Leak Test and all is happy on this Home Computer. Want to thank this NG ... Thanks NG!

Sygate Personal Firewall & Hauppauge Nova-T TV card

Postby Paul Woodsford » Sat, 23 Oct 2004 22:26:55 GMT

I've just decided to install the Sygate Personal Firewall on my XP Home SP2 
PC, but I cannot get the Hauppauge Nova-T Digital TV card to work. The 
software starts but no sound or picture.
Does anyone have any experience of getting these 2 to work together. The TV 
software has been configured by the firewall to work. But I'm lost 
Any help much appreciated.
I'm new to this.

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