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    First of all, I would like to appologize on my non-gramatical english /it's not my native language, but I'll do my best :) Second - Hi all Third - HELP! Ok, this is my problem. I'm making flash website (nothing new), but I have following problem: - my preloader is at the beginning of the flash-mainpage, from which I dynamically load other content (something in TextField, something Dynamic, etc, etc..) - BUT, when i simulate accessing to the site, my preloader does not appear for at least 10-15 seconds (I have "blank screen" during that time), and then it appears at 40% (loaded movie) and after that all works fine. I need help about this, and here was my ideas: 1) does anyone knows how to solve this?? :) (I want preloader to be shown from the first 2-3% and so on, not from 40% and on) 2) I was thinking something about making a preloader as separate SWF file from which one I would load MainPageSWF. But, how to display progressbar there that monitors downloading of MainPage.swf? Hope you understand what I was thinking :) Structure (present): MainPage (separate SWF) | +-page1 | +-page2 | +-page3 | +-page4 Structure (wanted): Intro (with progressbar that is showing percent of loaded mainpage - separate SWF) | V MainPage (separate SWF) | +-page1 | +-page2 | +-page3 | +-page4 Thank's everyone :)
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    I know this is not possible because there are already tools out there to do it :( I'm working on a very big web project that uses flash heavily and I don't want people to actually be able to view my actionscripts in that swf file (intellectual property and stuff) Is there any workaround for this? does this mean large corporate companies that actually uses Flash websites are not secure??

10.000+ rows

Postby Roger Vista » Thu, 08 Feb 2007 21:04:19 GMT

I'm a VB6 / VB.Net developer, looking into flash as an interface
I figured skinning is all very nice, but why not take it a step

My main concern, before venturing any further, is how to display
datagrids (listviews) with 10.000+ rows (listitems), complete with up
to 10 columns (subitems).
Usually displaying datasets this big would just be bad design, but
this app is used for bulk data manipulation. So there you go.

I doubt flash can deal with these kinds of numbers directly, so I'm
wondering if there are any work-arounds like virtual datagrids
(virtual listviews) to get the job done.

Any ideas?

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