Flash File Gets a White Border on Page loaded and link changes to hyperlink



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    HELP! I'm very new to flash. I would like to copy an entire scene from one project and paste it in a new scene in a different project. This may sound stupid, but I have NO IDEA how to go about this. Thanks!
  • 2. How do I get Flash to know where he is.
    I have a menu in Flash 6, and I do not want to use frames(with frames, this would be easy,but...). Lets say the surfer click on "Gallery" in the Flash-menu. A new page loades...but the flash-menu does'nt "know" that he is now on the "Gallary"-page. The probleme is that I want the Flash-menu to give feedback and play a movieclip beside "Gallary" that says: "- You are here". But to do this, he must be able to read a number from the html-page through Javascript, that tells him that he now is on the "Gallary"-page and should show "- You are here" in the Flash-menu beside the "Gallary"-button. Does any of you know how to do this? Thansk, Trond E. H.
  • 3. XML - is this the right solution?
    Hi, I would like to start using XML to deliver information and content to some Flash.exe's. I have just started reading up a bit about using XML with Flash, and was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to deliver a server based XML doc into a desktop based Flash .exe. So far, looking at the Flash Dictionary, the xml.load command only works with relative URL's - relative to the location of the swf. If this is the case, then there is no way to deliver XML to a desktop based Flash .exe, which seems strange to me. Any pointers from any XML experts would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to spend time learning XML if it is not going to be the solution I am looking for at the moment. Thanks Paul
  • 4. ini and html
    ok if you read this you will know i don't know alot about flash. i bought a preloader from a website and it has a ini that you edit the text in. ok i did that and it works fine as long as the ini file is in the folder with the index.html. but i upload the swf and the html file and it plays the text that came with it. i put the ini file on the servere too and it still does the same. i got a fla file with it but it is way to compecated to make changes to. this is a personal site not a business on so i am not asking for something free. oh wait yes i am thanks to anybody that answers

Flash File Gets a White Border on Page loaded and link changes to hyperlink

Postby franferns » Mon, 10 Dec 2007 00:29:43 GMT

 Flash File Gets a White Border on Page loaded and the mouse pointer changes to 
hyperlink Pls Help Its caused only in a System which has Win XP or higher 
version U can view the Bug at " www.prosystems.in"


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