Media slider for Media Playback component



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    I want to know if there is a param I can pass into my flash doc that I can change the color of the text. Basically something like this: <param name="textcolor" value="#ffffff"> I want to have a flash file text change color according to what the value is I pass in the param. C
  • 2. remove this, I figured it out!
    hi how do you do the "arrows heads" spin like that ? is it a 3d software? thanks
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    Hi , Have been trying to work out how the close gaps function works eg when drawing a shape obviously with a gap but the paintbucket will only fill the oval or square tool not the paintbrush or pencil. Am also confused as to the purpose of the lock fill and how these two function together. Thanks Pat
  • 4. Next flash version suggestion
    Hello, I'm Kenton. I love Flash, and have been using it ever since Flash 5, which was when I was old enough to know how to do things on computers. Anyways, to get to the point, I think a feature that Flash, as being an animation program is missing, are things like skeletons. You see these in almost every single 3D modelling / animation program. Basically, you create bones and joints, and put everyting together like a real skeleton would be connected. Then you attach an object to a bone somewhere, and by moving the bone, the object moves. The advantage to this, is you can create a character, then when you want the arm or hand to move, you just move it's bone, then the rest of the bones in the skeleton move as well so as to accomodate the movement naturally. Everything attached to bones moves too, making animating characters much more effecient, and overall better. Although these systems are usually set up in a 3D environment, I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to incorporate it into Flash's 2D environment, and would making animation so much easier and streamlined. I hope you consider this proposol seriously, as I believe it would make a great addition to the already great Flash. Sincerely, Kenton

Media slider for Media Playback component

Postby cybervipr » Fri, 19 Dec 2003 06:58:41 GMT


I'm working with a .flv that is pretty short and will be used for doing a 360 view of an object; therefore, the time slider is being used a lot to control what angle is visible.  My problem is when I use the slider it only lets me view 2 or 3 different angles.  I'm wondering if there is a way to decrease the increment where it will advance the video.  If anyone knows, it would be a big help.


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 onClipEvent (mouseMove) {

 splay.autoPlay = true;
 display.activePlayControl = true;
 display.controllerPolicy = "on";
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 	trace ("media is Finished");
 display.addEventListener ("complete", myListener);
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