flash player program / just program



  • 1. Critical Error
    hello, i found "Criticall error were found in setup -session has dependencies that cannot be satisfied please see the setup log file for details" durring installing Flash CS Pro trial which is download from Adobe help me thanx luni
  • 2. Scene works but Movie doesnt?
    If its not all to obvious I am completely new here and to flash..having sucessfully finally (i think) completing my first scene I have tested and retested and it works fine.. then I went to publish preview to test the "Movie" and it wont play properly.. and I havent the foggiest clue where to begin to find out why or how to fix that. Can anyone give me a starting point on where to begin? TIA
  • 3. Insert dropdown menu in Flash file
    I have one Flash file that simply has a JPEG map as a background image. Then I have another file with a dropdown menu. Can I save a swf file of the drop down menu, import it into my map Flash file, then place it on top of the map? If so, please explain how. I've tried importing a swf of the dropdown into the map file library, then dragging it onto the map. However, it imports as a graphic symbol rather than a movie and the dropdown function doesn't work. (The menu works perfectly as a standalone swf). I would like to keep the menu file separate as I need to make a bunch of different versions of the menu and drop them over different areas of the map. The end product will look something like this menu that was built for me by a subcontractor. I'm trying to figure out how to do it myself rather than sub'ing it out.
  • 4. Correcting pixel aspect ratio with Publish settings
    :confused; Same old, I know. I'm designing and producing a Flash site using a Mac, but it will be viewed on a large touchscreen (1366x768) driven by a PC. The vectors look fine when going from the Mac 1.1 pixel aspect ratio to the Windows 1.0 display, but the photos look degraded and squashed vertically. Could I fix with the Publish settings ... such as html- publish at 100% width, 99% height? I can't test easily because my pc's have such fuzzy old displays, I can't see a thing. Flying blind. The only time I see how awful it looks on a good PC display is when I review the work to the client on the client's own PC...ouch.

flash player program / just program

Postby egres23 » Sat, 29 May 2004 17:22:29 GMT

I have 2 questions.
 1. i need flash player, but as a file not  to download and install 
automaticly, just flash player as program.
 2. what do I have to plase in flash to get voll screen.... 
 please help urgent!!!

Re: flash player program / just program

Postby FlashJester Support Team » Sun, 30 May 2004 04:58:44 GMT


1.You can find the Active X installer here

C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Flash MX 2004\Players\Release\Install Flash
Player 7.exe

or download the latest from the MM website.

Please read the Macromedia Player Licensing

or you can Publish your Flash file as a Projector file and it will have the
Flash player built in.


Hope this helps.

FlashJester Support Team
w. - http:///www.flashjester.com

"Knowledge is the foundation of all creation, without knowledge creation
does not exist"

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