getURL function in Flash not working properly in Netscape 7.2



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    Is it possible to place actions in buttons? The action window states "Current selection cannot have actions applied to it. Why would that be? Chris
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    I am new for Flash. I am using Flash mx2004 to design the header part of a webpage, which include a search engine, a banner and a navigation bar. Following the Flash part are the side bar and main content window. I use firework for the sidebar, and the content window is used CSS for positioning (in Dreamweaver)... The navigation buttons I use Movie Clip to add some rollover effects on it. Now what I want to do is that: when I click the navigation button, the content window will be refreshed with new contents; when I click the search button, a new window will be opened to show the search result. It seems the button is quite different in Flash with in dreamweaver (in dreamweaver, you just simply assign the hyperlink to the button. I think the button in Flash is designed to control the movie). Anyway, anyone can tell me how to make the Flash button function as a HTML button? Do I have to use Actionscipt? Thank you for any information! Ben

getURL function in Flash not working properly in Netscape 7.2

Postby mitchel » Sun, 07 Nov 2004 00:41:31 GMT

Has anyone had problems with this?

It works fine in Netscape 7.1.



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