Flash in Kiosk Mode - turn off / turn on launch schedule



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Flash in Kiosk Mode - turn off / turn on launch schedule

Postby stephan.k » Wed, 28 Nov 2007 02:48:26 GMT

Hi Forum

 I am creating a little flash app for a kiosk.   We will be using a Mac. (not 
sure about OS yet, but probably 10.4 or up. )

 1) Is there a way to automatically launch the flash app on startup on a mac? 
 2) Is there a way to schedule a shut off and launch time on a mac?  We'd like 
the machine to automatically shut down at midnight and relaunch at 7am for 
example.  Is there an application that handles tasks like these built in the OS 
or is there some application out there that would handle this?

 Any advice or insight appreciated.

 Thank you


 Stephan K

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