Flash logo wont load on Netscape...



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    I am new to Flash. Am trying to upload my first project... Using Dreamweaver 8 in conjunction with Flash 8. I have created a very simple slide show with Flash with a menu of text buttons which link to several video files. The project plays perfectly in my computer, but on the web, I'm only seeing the menu... minus the videos. After hours of searching, I cannot figure out what I've not done. I already had all of the video files uploaded, as I had previously used the same ones in an HTML document. I uploaded the .swf and .fla file that was published / exported to my Dreamweaver files. I was anticipating seeing those video files, as they are a part of my project... but the only files I found were the above two mentioned. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!! Lisa
  • 2. FLV converter online
    Hi! Can anybody point me where to find out how to have a function similar to youtube's. I'm looking for the automatic online flv converter function, where you can upload your .avi files or whatever. Is there any applications for this or does anyone know where to start..? (I'm tired of all my friends sending me videos and I have to do all the work with converting and putting it on the server :) )
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    I had the web service provider add the allow-request-headers.. line to the crossdomain.xml file, and this allowed the call/response to work properly in FF2/FF3,IE7,Safari where it wasn't before. However, IE6 is causing the WS to fault with the message 'cannot connect to endpoint'. Can anyone suggest why this might be happening?? Thanks so much! Pat
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    is there a way to create a secure (as in https) flash element (banner ad) within an unsecured page?
  • 5. I need to make a menu open once the video is finished playing
    I am using AS3 becase it's the only way i could figure out how to make a video play and stop with the buttons. I am not married to using AS3. Basically what i want to do is make a video player that is very similar to the one used on youtube. I want a video to play (intro video to my website) then at the end, a menu will appear giving links to other pages and other videos. I want to have a link on the video that will take you directly to the menu in case you have already seen the video and just want to view links or whatever is on the menu. So in order: video plays upon visiting site, video ends, meny shows up giving links Link to skip video and go directly to the menu link on the menu to go back to the video

Flash logo wont load on Netscape...

Postby adamm13 » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 08:06:23 GMT

please see this thread:


i posted not long ago...
i didnt get a final answer yet, and its not on the 1st page anymore:( 


Re: Flash logo wont load on Netscape...

Postby urami_ » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 11:24:16 GMT

Some serves or browser are case sensitive , 
your object tag refer to tribe.swf while embed to TRIBE.swf
Perhaps the Caps are the problem.

Do you have any URL ? Let's see if that's on your end only or general problem.




Re: Flash logo wont load on Netscape...

Postby adamm13 » Thu, 22 Jan 2004 07:23:44 GMT

the site: www.shevet.com

Re: Flash logo wont load on Netscape...

Postby urami_ » Thu, 22 Jan 2004 10:49:25 GMT

Works fine here .
I also notice the file name is changed to lower case .
If you still have problem viewing than it must be 
player on your end. It run here on first go w/o problem...




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