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Media Playback component continuous playback

Postby AdrianaV » Tue, 09 Aug 2005 06:08:30 GMT

I want to have MP3s continuously play one after the other with the Media 
Playback component using the List component as the source of MP3's content 
path.  Is it possible to continously playback one after the other?

 Thank you

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 onClipEvent (mouseMove) {

 splay.autoPlay = true;
 display.activePlayControl = true;
 display.controllerPolicy = "on";
 var myListener = new Object ();
 myListener.complete = function (eventObject)
 	trace ("media is Finished");
 display.addEventListener ("complete", myListener);
 display.setMedia ("Keep it Crunk.mp3", "MP3");

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