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Scale Background Gradient

Postby yevri » Thu, 01 Feb 2007 02:02:03 GMT

I'm creating a self-contained projector file for CD-ROM. I want a gradient to 
be the background color of the projector so that no matter what size the user's 
resolution is, the gradient fills the background but nothing else scales. Looks 
like you cannot do that by selecting background color, so how would I achieve 
that? I'm thinking there must be code for scaling a specific SWF to the size of 
the player without scaling the rest of the objects/SWFs/levels. Maybe I put the 
gradient in level 1 and have that scale to the player size and allow fullscreen 
via FS command, then have the rest of my SWFs load into level 2 and higher - 
but don't allow scale in the projector? WIll that work? 

 Anyone know how to do this and have a script? Or can you point me to the right 
place to learn more?


Re: Scale Background Gradient

Postby SugnaShane » Thu, 01 Feb 2007 03:40:08 GMT

You might want to do this:


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