Setting the wordWrap on the Checkbox component



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Setting the wordWrap on the Checkbox component

Postby __icarus__ » Fri, 28 Dec 2007 11:12:52 GMT

Anyone know how to get a flash quiz template checkbox to set to multi line? I 
have tried:

 onClipEvent (load) {
 this.checkbox.labelPath.multiline = true;
 this.checkbox.labelPath.wordWrap = true;

 and also on the keyframe that contains the checkbox text fields:

 checkbox1.labelPath.multiline = true;
 checkbox1.labelPath.wordWrap = true;

 Any ideas?

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New fla (MX2004) with checkbox instance on stage named vChkBox.
Frame 1:

vChkBox.setStyle("marginLeft", 20); //adds space between chkbox and
vChkBox.labelPath.multiline = true;
vChkBox.labelPath.wordWrap = true; // causes the text shortening
problem when used with marginLeft
vChkBox.labelPath.autoSize = "left";
vChkBox.setLabel("this is a test of a very very ... long field");

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 // ActionScript file
 package myComponents
 	import mx.containers.Canvas;
 	import mx.controls.RadioButton;
 	import mx.core.UITextField;
 	public class MyComponent extends Canvas
 		public function MyComponent():void
 			var mybutton:RadioButton = new RadioButton();
 			mybutton.label = "this is a considerably long line of text, which is 
supposed to be truncated into 2 lines";
 			// set its height, I have no idea if there's a way to autosize this height
 			mybutton.height = 50;
 			//mybutton.percentHeight = 100;
 			mybutton.width = 300;
 			// make sure all buttons have the same group name
 			mybutton.groupName = "grpname";

 			var tf:UITextField = mybutton.getChildAt(0) as UITextField;
 			tf.wordWrap = true;
 			tf.multiline = true;

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