loading bar bug in IE



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loading bar bug in IE

Postby crila » Thu, 20 Sep 2007 02:19:59 GMT

so i have created a simple loading bar in AS3 and it works great.  when i use 
it in internet explorer it works fine the first time. then if you refresh the 
web page or you come back to that page the loading bar just sits at 100% and 
the flash document never plays. 

 i didnt even notice this bug for a long time because i am a mac user.  i have 
included the action script below. any suggestions would be appreciated. 


 function progressHandler(myevent:ProgressEvent):void {
 	var myprogress:Number=myevent.target.bytesLoaded/myevent.target.bytesTotal;

 root.loaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, finished);
 function finished(myevent:Event):void {

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