HOW TO DISABLE ENABLE onClipEvent on a MovieClip



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HOW TO DISABLE ENABLE onClipEvent on a MovieClip

Postby topo72 » Thu, 08 Mar 2007 19:43:47 GMT

Hi all,
 I have a problem with actionscript
 I have a parent swf. This load another swf with loadmovie (I can't modify the 
code of this other SWF).
 From the parent I need to decide when the child SWF is enable or disable.
 I try to use .disable=false but seem not work.
 I see the child continue receive event 

 How I can decide from parent to enable or disable the events on the child SWF?

 Thanks in advance

 Best Regards

Re: HOW TO DISABLE ENABLE onClipEvent on a MovieClip

Postby kglad » Fri, 09 Mar 2007 01:57:04 GMT

i don't think you can do anything to stop that loop except to remove the 
movieclip (using swapDepths and then removeMovieClip).  if you want that 
graphic to remain on-stage you'll need to use the bitmapdata class to draw that 
movieclip to a bitmap before removing it.

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