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    Hi Again, I have a graphic object and need to make it invisible or delete it, how can i do it? I found no way to give the Grafik an Instance name. MFG M.B.G.
  • 2. MC stop following mouse once clicked or!!please help
    I have an MC acting as a button...that follows the mouse...i need the MC to stop following the mouse once clicked or when it reaches frame 8 within the MC...heres my follow code: -------------------------------------------- onClipEvent (load) { _x = 0; _y = 0; speed = 21; } onClipEvent (enterFrame) { endX = _root._xmouse; endY = _root._ymouse; _x += (endX-_x)/speed; _y += (endY-_y)/speed; } -----------------------------------------------
  • 3. Deprecated Code??
    HI TEAM!!! Is there a way to simplify this code/? Is setProperty and getProperty deprecated as of MX 2004? ti = 20; for (n=0; n<ti; n++) { mc = "logo_MC" + n; duplicateMovieClip("logo_MC", mc, n); /*MOVEMENT*/ set(fMc add ".yPost", eval("_root.boxpos_y" add f)); set(fMc add ".title", eval("_root.title" add f));*/ setProperty(mc, _y, Number(getProperty(mc, _y)) + Number((n-1) * getProperty(mc, _height))); /setProperty(mc, _y, Number(getProperty(mc, _y)) + Number(getProperty(mc, _height)) * (n)); } /*HIDE ORIGINAL THUMB menu_btn._visible = false;*/ menu_btn._x = 100 stop(); thanks!
  • 4. An autorun for pc and mac
    Hi! Did anybody knows how to make an autorun that works both for pc and mac? Thanks ;) CaroPe :.

MX 2004 Training Classes

Postby netidah » Fri, 04 Feb 2005 06:54:34 GMT

I am using Flash MX at work every day, and we are getting ready to upgrade to 
MX 2004.  Is there a training class (preferable located in So-Cal) that goes 
over the new featuers of MX 2004, and also introduces Actionscripting?

Re: MX 2004 Training Classes

Postby Happy Camper » Fri, 04 Feb 2005 07:17:44 GMT

Fear not, they made the transition pretty easy.  You don't have to use AS 2.0 
in MX 2004, you can still use AS 1.0.  AS 2.0 is much more intuitive, although 
a bit more long-winded, it is clearer.  Try 'Flash MX 2004 
ActionScript/Training from the Source' that book helped me a lot.

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