Finding _x and _y coordinates of a word within a string



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Finding _x and _y coordinates of a word within a string

Postby AnnF » Sun, 12 Nov 2006 03:31:45 GMT

Is this possible? I have a dynamic text within a TextField. I want the
user to be able to select a word within the text they've inputted and
for me to place a gap (a TextInput component) where this word is. I've
messed around with getTextExtent but that only allows me to find the
hieght or width of the entire text and not a specific word.

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5.Need to find a word within a string

Hi Brian,

Please try to send once

I type it here so watch typos
dim test as integer
dim TestString as string = "One Tow ICE Three"

When the case is not important
test =  TestString.tolower.IndexOf("ice")
if test <> -1 then
    test = TestString.tolower.IndexOf("nc")
end if
if test <> -1 then
  '  it exist
end if

When it are more you can first make an array and when it are a lot more use
When it has to be Upercase than remove that tolower and the test in Upercase

I hope this helps?


> I am trying to find "NC" or "ICE" in a string that will vary in length
> Example:
> String = "One Two ICE Three"
> Or
> String = "One NC Two Three"
> I need to know if the word  "ICE" or "NC" is within the text string.
> I have tried "InStr" but it shows true if there is a word that has the
letters "NC" within the word.
> Any Help
> Thank you

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