Flash plugin not working on IE(Windows)



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Flash plugin not working on IE(Windows)

Postby JOsEph T. » Tue, 16 Nov 2004 16:20:55 GMT

I used loadmovie function to load external swf and loadSound to load external 
mp3 files to flash movie. Basically, it is a flash player which can handle 
flash movie and sound on web page. And I compile it by mac. it is perfectly if 
i use mac to view that web page. however, the problem occurs on windows 
machine. after the first time loading of that page. i refresh. second time, it 
just stop at loading. it just load first external swf file and it won't load 
any mp3 files. Everytime, I need to clear the cache file first, then it will 
work. but it is very weired, if i use standalone player to play that flash, it 
just run perfect. 
 you may try this on your windows and mac.
 this is the page:
  http://www.**--****.com/ ~bukuwa/UPload/UPload_player.html
 I have update my flash to 7.2 and I keep the web browser flash plug-in on both 
windows and mac are up-to-date.
 I wonder what is going on. Would it because of 7.2 update? 

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