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  • 1. scrollpane pain
    I am trying to create a slide show using the scrollpane. I created a movie called mc_gallery that has a scrollpane on the left side of the screen. I added a movie clip inside the scrollpane (called navVertical) that consists of 10 buttons stacked vertically. When the user clicks one of the buttons what I want to happen is to load a picture to the right of the scrollpane ( on the mc_gallery). So I added on (Release) { imagePath2 = "images/hospitality/h1A.jpg"; _parent.updateSlide(imagePath2); } to each of the buttons. I have a function defined on the gallery called updateSlide that uses loadMovie to display a larger jpg image. If I put the raw navVertical on the stage everything works...Click a button and the corresponding image appears. But I canNOT get this same logic to work when the navVertical movie clip is inside of the scrollpane. I would like to call the updateSlide function so that I can do a few other things once the name of the slide is passed to it, but frankly at this point I will settle just to see the large image appear on the right side of the stage when on of the button inside the scrollPAIN is clicked. please advise...
  • 2. text box required
    can anyone help me with a piece of code to stop someone moving on with out having some info into a text box? I have an ok button that is clicked to move on - but i want the user to type something into the text box before they can move on. if they dont type anything then they cannot move on - any ideas?
  • 3. how do I access movie properties
    Hi, I have created a movie clip, dragged an instance onto the stage and name it EMPTY. I then use loadMovie to load an exernal jpeg into EMPTY. loadMovie(currentPainting, EMPTY); I use onClipEvent to set the position of EMPTY. Iwould like to use the height and width of EMPTY to position another object on ain stage, however, I cannot access the height and width of EMPTY except for within EMPTY's clipevent. I've tried accessing the propert with EMPTY._height, and I've tried setting a global variable withinthe clipEvent and then acessing that variable, but to no avail Any idea? .

bitmap caching

Postby zibber » Fri, 01 Jun 2007 03:48:47 GMT

 Wondered if someone could give me some advice. I am working ona project where 
a user can pick an avatar and enter chatrooms. The idea is to display the 
avatrs to represent people in the different rooms. Currently there are around 
25 different heads and bodies (which can be mixed andmatched) and 6 different 
images for a character. I currently have a nested movie clip that pulls in info 
form xml and the structure of the clip is something like:

 frame that loads in intial fornt facing head and body into seperate clips
 frame that houses a "walker clip". this contains 4 movie clips one for the 
head and 3 for each frame of walk animation

 Ideally i would like to be able to cache these images so i am not downlaoding 
the same assets over and over. Can someone point me in right direction to 
acheive this? the simpler the better;) I.e would it be as easy as jsut checking 
the runtime bitmap cache on the properties box for each moivie clip? Or is that 
overly optmisitc (namely bitmpa cache shouldt be usedofr animation?) and i need 
to do soemthing more extensive? any help would be great here.


Re: bitmap caching

Postby dzedward » Fri, 01 Jun 2007 04:01:33 GMT

my_mc.cacheAsBitmap = true;

Re: bitmap caching

Postby zibber » Fri, 01 Jun 2007 04:41:26 GMT

Cheersfor response

but will this work fine even though there will be three animation frames, i read that it coul dbe detremental?



Re: bitmap caching

Postby kglad » Fri, 01 Jun 2007 04:49:07 GMT

the cacheAsBitmap property of movieclips is used to retrieve a movieclip bitmap 
from memory instead of requiring the flash player to (re)render the bitmap 
repeatedly.  that's only helpful in certain situations including (but not 
limited) to a movieclip that's not changing frames.

 if you mean you want to cache some asset so it doesn't need to be repeatedly 
downloaded that happens automatically with flash unless you take steps to 
prevent it and has nothing to do with the cacheAsBitmap property of movieclips.

Re: bitmap caching

Postby zibber » Fri, 01 Jun 2007 14:56:01 GMT

ah ok cheers.

 so...........the way i a have my clips set up so that they load the relevant 
frames in from xml.... I(t literally does an xml call duplicates as many avatar 
holders as needed and then loads int he right body parts) will these loads be 
ignored if those images are already cached? I just want to make sure i reduce 
as much overhead as possbile.

 thanks in advance

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