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External Class Script

Postby ManinBlaq » Wed, 13 Apr 2005 00:16:36 GMT

I'm trying to include the 2.0 version of the Wddx files. (Wddx.as and 
WddxRecordset.as)   I have them downloaded, and I'm trying to include them in 
my project.  The files are local to my project.

 When I attempt to run the movie I get the following error: "Classes may only 
be defined in external ActionScript 2.0 class scripts."

 I can't find any informatin on defining / using externally defined classes.

 What am I missing?

Re: External Class Script

Postby ManinBlaq » Wed, 13 Apr 2005 00:33:14 GMT

Apparently I should be using 'import' .. not '#include' ..  

I got it working now.   Thanks!

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1.Classes may only be defined in external ActionScript 2.0 class scripts

Ok I'm getting this when I try and publish my FLVPlayer:

 **Error** C:\Documents and Settings\mdugan\My 
Documents\FLVPlayer\FLVPlayerTester.as: Line 14: Classes may only be defined in 
external ActionScript 2.0 class scripts.
      class FLVPlayer extends MovieClip

 Total ActionScript Errors: 1 	 Reported Errors: 1

 The problem is, my class IS defined in an external ActionScript 2.0 class 
script. So I don't know why this error is coming up, check the code. Anyone 
help would be greatly appreciated.

 import UIManager;
 import PluginManager;
 import plugins.Plugin;
 import NSManager;
 import XMLManager;
 import mx.events.EventDispatcher;

 class FLVPlayer extends MovieClip
 	//EventDispatcher needs these
 	var addEventListener:Function;
 	var removeEventListener:Function;
 	var dispatchEvent:Function;
 	var dispatchQueue:Function;

 	private var m_args:Object;
 	private var m_state:Number;
 	private var m_pluginsReady:Boolean;
 	private var m_skinLoaded:Boolean;

 	private var m_hasSeekBar:Boolean;
 	private var m_nc:NetConnection;
 	private var m_nsManager:NSManager;
 	private var m_activelySeeking:Boolean;
 	private var m_hideUIInterval;
 	private var m_showingUI:Boolean;
 	private var m_enterFrameCounter:Number;
 	private var m_w, m_h:Number;
 	private var m_videoW, m_videoH:Number;
 	private var m_xmlManager:XMLManager;
 	private var m_closeInterval;

 	private var m_pluginManager:PluginManager;

 	private var m_uiManager:UIManager;		//1
 	private var m_rollHandler:MovieClip;	//0

 	private var k_STOPPED = 0;
 	private var k_PLAYING = 1;
 	private var k_PAUSED = 2;

 	function FLVPlayer(Void)
 		m_state = k_STOPPED;
 		attachMovie("RollHandler", "m_rollHandler", 0);
 		m_rollHandler._alpha = 0;
 		m_activelySeeking = false;
 		m_showingUI = true;
 		m_pluginsReady = false;
 		m_skinLoaded = false;
 		m_pluginManager = new PluginManager(this);

 	// called when all plugins are loaded and 'ready'
 	public function pluginsReady(evt:Object):Void {
 		m_pluginsReady = true;

 	function setUp(p_args:Object):Void
 		m_args = p_args;

 		dispatchEvent({type:"setUp", target:this, args:m_args});

 		if (m_args.configFile != undefined) {
 			//Load default values from XML file
 			//myTrace("need to load default values from: "+m_args.configFile);
 			m_xmlManager = new XMLManager();
 			var xmlListener = new Object();
 			xmlListener.mc = this;
 			xmlListener.load = function(p_event:Object):Void
 				var children = p_event.xml.firstChild.childNodes;
 				var args = new Object();
 				for (var i=0; i<children.length; i++)
 					args[children[i].nodeName] = children[i].firstChild.nodeValue;
 			xmlListener.error = function(p_event:Object):Void
 				this.mc.myTrace("error loading "+this.mc.m_args.configFile);
 			m_xmlManager.addEventListener("load", xmlListener);
 			m_xmlManager.addEventListener("error", xmlListener);
 		} else

 	function mergeArgs(p_xmlArgs:Object):Void
 		for (var i in p_xmlArgs) {
 			if (m_args[i] == undefined)
 				m_args[i] = p_xmlArgs[i];	//fill in the defaults for those that are not 


 	function argsReady(Void):Void

 		//Convert strings to types when needed
 		m_args.isLive = (m_args.isLive.toLowerCase() == "true");
 		m_args.autoPlay = (m_args.autoPlay.toLowerCase() == "true");
 		m_args.autoRewind = (m_args.autoRewind.toLowerCase() == "true");
 		m_args.isFullScreen = (m_args.isFullScreen.toLowerCase() == "true");

 		m_args.bufferTime = m_args.bufferTime/1;
 		m_args.bgColor = m_args.bgColor/1;

 		//Load the skin right away
 		if (m_args.skinName != undefined) {
 			attachMovie("UIManager", "m_uiManager", 1);
 			var uiListener = new Object();
 			uiListener.mc = this;
 			uiListener.play = function(p_event:Object):Void {
 			uiListener.pause = function(p_event:Object):Void {
 			uiListener.stop = function(p_event:Object):Void {
 			uiListener.seek = function(p_event:Object):Void {
 			uiListener.seekStart = function(p_event:Object):Void {
 			uiListener.rollOver= function(p_event:Object):Void {
 			uiListener.onVideoSize = function(p_event:Object):Void {
 				this.mc.uiVideoSize(p_event.w, p_event.h);
 			/*uiListener.fullScreen = function(p_event:Object):Void{
 				this.mc.dispatchEvent({type: "fullscreen", goToFullScreen: 
 					this.mc.getURL("javascript:videoSize('"+this.mc.m_args.divName+"', null, 
"+this.mc.m_uiManager.m_v.width+", "+this.mc.m_uiManager.m_v.height+")");
 			m_uiManager.addEventListener("skinLoaded", this);
 			m_uiManager.addEventListener("play", uiListener);
 			m_uiManager.addEventListener("pause", uiListener);
 			m_uiManager.addEventListener("stop", uiListener);
 			m_uiManager.addEventListener("seek", uiListener);
 			m_uiManager.addEventListener("seekStart", uiListener);
 			m_uiManager.addEventListener("rollOver", uiListener);
 			m_uiManager.addEventListener("onVideoSize", uiListener);
 			//m_uiManager.addEventListener("fullScreen", uiListener);
 			m_uiManager.loadSkin(m_args.skinName, m_args.isLive, m_args.isFullScreen);
 		} else {
 			error("Missing parameter: skinName");

 		dispatchEvent({type:"argsReady", target:this, args:m_args});

 	//Convenience methods for PluginManager
 	public function addPlugin(p:Plugin, pName:String):Plugin {
 		return m_pluginManager.addPlugin(p, pName);

 	public function getPlugin(pName:String):Plugin {
 		return m_pluginManager.getPlugin(pName);

 	public function removePlugin(pName:String):Void {

 	//UIManager Listeners
 	private function skinLoaded(p_event:Object):Void
 		myTrace("skinLoaded: "+p_event.hasSeekBar);
 		m_hasSeekBar = p_event.hasSeekBar;

 		if (p_event.autoHide) {
 			m_rollHandler.useHandCursor = false;
 			m_rollHandler.onRollOver = doRollOver;
 			m_rollHandler.onRollOut = doRollOut;
 		m_skinLoaded = true;

 	private function uiPlay(Void):Void
 		if (m_nc.isConnected) {
 			if (m_state == k_STOPPED) {
 			} else {
 			m_state = k_PLAYING;
 		} else {
 			dispatchEvent({type:"reconnect", target:this});

 	private function uiPause(Void):Void
 		m_state = k_PAUSED;
 	private function uiStop(Void):Void
 		m_state = k_STOPPED;
 	private function uiSeekStart(Void):Void
 		m_activelySeeking = true;
 	private function uiSeek(p_position:Number):Void
 		m_activelySeeking = false;
 		m_nsManager.seek(p_position, m_state);
 	private function uiRollOver(Void):Void
 		//myTrace("uiRollOver ++");

 	private function uiVideoSize(p_w:Number, p_h:Number):Void{
 		m_videoW = p_w;
 		m_videoH = p_h;
 		m_uiManager.setSize(m_w, m_h, m_videoW, m_videoH);

 		var padding = m_uiManager.getPadding();
 		dispatchEvent({type: "videoSize", w: m_videoW+padding.w, h: 
 			getURL("javascript:videoSize('"+m_args.divName+"', null, null)");
"+(m_videoW+padding.w)+", "+(m_videoH+padding.h)+")");

 	//scoped to m_rollHandler
 	function doRollOver(Void):Void
 		var o = this._parent;
 		if (!o.m_showingUI) {
 			o.m_showingUI = true;
 	//scoped to m_rollHandler
 	function doRollOut(Void):Void
 		var o = this._parent;
 		o.m_hideUIInterval = setInterval(o, "hideUI", 200);

 	private function hideUI(Void) {
 		m_showingUI = false;

 	//NCManager Listeners
 	function ncConnected(evt:Object):Void
 		if (evt.nc == null)

 		m_nc = evt.nc;
 		var p_bw = evt.bw;

 		//If we need to pick a stream, do it here
 		if (m_args.streamName.indexOf(",") != -1) {
 			var sSplit = m_args.streamName.split(",");
 			for (var i=0; i<sSplit.length; i=i+2) {
 				var sName = stripFrontAndBackSpaces(sSplit[i]);
 				var bW = sSplit[i+1];
 				if ((p_bw < bW)||(bW == undefined)) {	//If we have less bw than the next 
threshold or if there isn't another threshold (last string)
 					m_args.streamName = sName;


 	function ncReconnected(evt:Object):Void
 		var ns = m_nsManager.createStream(m_nc);
 		m_state = k_PLAYING;

 	function setUpStream(Void):Void {
 		if (!m_pluginsReady || !m_skinLoaded)

 		//Now the skin is loaded and the connection is established

 		if (m_args.streamName != undefined) {
 			m_nsManager = new NSManager(m_

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I'm currently working on a solution including .NET webservices and Flash Form 
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 I don't want to inlcude any script on the timeline.

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i try to use the BitmapExporter 2.2.
 i inserted the .as file into the first frame in my fla but when i try to test 
movie i get
 "Classes may only be defined in external ActionScript 2.0 class scripts."
 since i am not expert in extensions - what did i do wrong and hoe can i 
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