Navigating a FORMS application



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Navigating a FORMS application

Postby DonH » Sat, 29 Oct 2005 06:56:20 GMT

I have a very basic structure

MAIN is the base screen

Screen1 and Screen2 are child screens

Under Screen1 I have Screen11.

So the normal flow is to go into Screen1 down to Screen11.  Then make a 
selection and that takes you to Screen2 where info is displayed.

Here comes the problem.  I want a button that will send you back to 
Screen11.  It won't do it.  No matter what path I use for the screen it 
won't go there.  Is this a bug or something?  I can't even get it to go to 
the MAIN screen.

So how do I get a form application to go to a screen it has already passed 

Re: Navigating a FORMS application

Postby madmaximus » Sat, 29 Oct 2005 09:56:02 GMT

Have you tried saving a reference (using "this")  to screen11 and passing it to screen2?


Re: Navigating a FORMS application

Postby DonH » Sun, 30 Oct 2005 02:24:00 GMT

Yes, I have.  Apparently in a forms application you can only move forward 
and not back.  That is strange.  The only way I have found to go "back" to a 
screen is to set a cookie with the screen I want to go to, and then getURL 
the page and read the cookie and navigate there.  This is total humbug.

It is easier to just use MC's to do all this.

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