change mc's rgb values using array?



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change mc's rgb values using array?

Postby vidiwell » Tue, 24 Aug 2004 20:54:22 GMT

I'm trying to use an array to change the rgb value of a mc each time
it loops. I have 6 elements and would like it to use each one
sequentially and then start over again from 0.

I've tried several variation on this, but know I'm missing the point
each time as I'm not quite up to speed on actionscript yet. I've tried
to look everywhere for an answer to this on the web, but with no luck
so far and I'm sure the answer is very straight-forward.

So far I have:

colorz = new Array(0x36047B, 0x4B05AB, 0xD3B5FD, 0xAA6FFB, 0xE8D8FE,
newcolorz = math.random(colorz);

my_color = new Color(_root.screenz.prodplace);

Any advise appreciated.


Re: change mc's rgb values using array?

Postby vidiwell » Fri, 27 Aug 2004 18:42:48 GMT

I've also been trying this, but still with no luck:

myArray = new Array();
		myArray[0] = 0x36047B;
		myArray[1] = 0x4B05AB;
		myArray[2] = 0xD3B5FD;
		myarray[3] = 0xAA6FFB;
		myArray[4] = 0xE8D8FE;
		myArray[5] = 0x6506E6;
colorz = random(myArray);
newcolorz = colorz;
my_color = new Color(_root.screenz.prodplace);

Any advise appreciated,


Re: change mc's rgb values using array?

Postby place57 » Sat, 28 Aug 2004 02:18:37 GMT

Maybe colorz = myArray[random(6)];

Re: change mc's rgb values using array?

Postby vidiwell » Sat, 28 Aug 2004 18:37:52 GMT

Thanks for replying, Bob. 

That worked greator a random element, Bob. Thing is though, how can I
return a unique, incremental element from the array each time the mc
loops? I've looked everywhere for a tutorial on this.


//returned first loop
//returned second loop
//returned third loop
//returned fourth loop
//returned fifth loop
//returned sixth loop
//returned seventh loop etc, etc


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