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carriage return in xml

Postby dave » Wed, 27 Jul 2005 17:47:26 GMT

Is it possible to have a carriage return in a text string within my xml 

I have tried using \r but this simply appears in flash as \r 

Re: carriage return in xml

Postby dr_ross » Wed, 27 Jul 2005 18:51:19 GMT

different ways to go about this

 1 would be to use the html text property of the textfield and pass the text 
through a custom function to convert it to html format adding tags etc 
before adding it to the text field

 2 have a custom delimiter for your project like /n or something, split the 
string at every instance of your custom delimter into an array, then do a for 
loop adding each entry to the same string but with  += newline after every entry

 var new_str = ""

 for(var i=0;i<=splitString_array.length-1;i++){

 new_str+= splitString_array;
 new_str+= newline;


 job done, you can use the second version for replacing your custom delimiter 
for what ever you link, i use it for bullet point, custom hot text etc, but the 
first version is a bit easier and lets use you all the html and ascii key codes 
straight off.

Re: carriage return in xml

Postby dave » Wed, 27 Jul 2005 19:15:09 GMT

Thanks for that, I thought it might be to do with escaping or unescaping.

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