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  • 1. Setting and remembering _x _y of MC
    So, Im able to store the x, y position of a dragable mc in a var but how do I set the position of XMc when a user goes back to that screen? I need XMc to remember where it last was(I have that) and go there when you enter frame(I dont have that). XMc.onPress = function() { XMc.startDrag(""); XMc.gotoAndStop(2); }; XMc.onRelease = function() { XMc.stopDrag(); XMc.gotoAndStop(1); myX = _xmouse; myY = _ymouse; XmyXY = String(myX)+","+String(myY); trace (XmyXY); };
  • 2. simple if statement won't execute
    Hello Using a few buttons, I m "creating" a variable of type string. When the string is equal to 12 or 13 I want the if statement to execute. For some really bizarre reason, it won't execute. Thank you for your help movieClip1_mc._visible = false; reference_str = null; firstButton_btn.onRelease = function() { if (reference_str == null) { reference_str = "1"; sound.start(); } else { reference_str += "1"; sound.start(); trace(reference_str); } } secondButton_btn.onRelease = function() { if (reference_str == null) { reference_str = "2"; sound.start(); } else { reference_str += "2"; sound.start(); trace(reference_str); } } thirdButton_btn.onRelease = function() { if (reference_str == null) { reference_str = "3"; sound.start(); } else { reference_str += "3"; sound.start(); trace(reference_str); } } if (reference_str == "12" || reference_str == "13" ) { sound2.start(); trace("sound"); movieClip1._visible = true; movieClip1.play(); }
  • 3. FLVplayback contentPath control by html links
    Hi there, I have a simple thing to do, so I hope it is also simple thing to make (for a programmer which Im NOT .. and thats why i ask) Im looking for a way to control the FLVplayback component contentPath from HTML which would allow me to make classic html links which would assign new FLV video file to swf flash file when clicked on. The flash file, which would contain only the video component, would be embeded into the same html page. So just to control flash component from outside of flash ... ? what should I do to make that happen? I though of the same principle as with opening popup windows from withing flash file using javaScript functions .. yet my problem is reversed, right ... ? Thank you

port programming

Postby Envious Eli » Fri, 20 May 2005 18:18:14 GMT


    i want to develop the game chess. this is two player peer game. two players 
on local network play this game. i need send and receive data at the ports to 
communicate between two computers. which classes i could use in flash mx, or if 
not then can it be possible in flash remoting or flash communication server. 

  I have no idea. plz tell me a right way.

Re: port programming

Postby SMakinson » Fri, 20 May 2005 23:00:04 GMT

use XMLSocket, comm server is very expensive. You will need to have a socket server to handle the communication though.

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