Macromedia Flash Player being blocked



    I try to browse to a site that has flash content embedded. For a moment you can see the flash movie, then Internet Explorer erases it/makes it disappear and shrinks up the space as if there was never anything there. But if the flash movie has sound, you can hear that but you will not see anything. Ive tried testing it with the tips given on this Adobe Site but it doesnt help. Any ideas? This only started to happen (I think) after I upgraded to the flash 9 player. I am using IE 7 beta 3 on Windows XP SP2.
  • 2. Video/audio problem with Flash Player 9
    Ive had Flash player 9 on my system for a while and worked fine yesterday i installed WinDVD and today uninstalled it since then any embedded video loads for 2 secs then stops and has no audio i tried uninstalling Flash player and reinstalling...still nothing im getting no sound from any wav or mp3 files...they only work in Windows Media Player any suggestions?
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    hey people i've tried reinstalling flash player 9 a couple times but when i try to play flash videos i can see the picture but there is no sound. please tell me what has to be done.
  • 4. fix for adobe 9
    ok so i downloaded adobe flash player 9 cause a site said i needed the latest version of the adobe flash player. immediately there was problems. i couldn't hardly get any content to display from any site. (oh btw I'm using IE7). i went here and tried JDID112 solution. yeah... pretty much the biggest joke in the world. so i get frustrated try and download the flash player again (every time i try and download it it says that it installed successfully but then i go to another site like you tube and nothing works), go into safe mode, everything! nothing works. i finally download mozilla firefox and download it through that browser. it worked, sort of. you tube and pretty much everything works but there are still bugs and stuff. there are little things at almost every website that i go to that won't show up. also some site just don't show the content at all (like i would really like to use IE7 but is there anything that i can do to fix this bug or whatever it is? if you need more specifics then just ask.

Macromedia Flash Player being blocked

Postby turtle278876 » Fri, 16 Jun 2006 11:45:32 GMT

When i go to Youtube or other website that need Flash player, the websites wont 
let me use the website correctly. Its says i need to download Macromedia Flash 
Player, the thing is i have it in my computer. I tried downloading the Flash 
Player, but every time i click on the download link it says "This object has 
been blocked." I use Firefox and Internet Explorer and they both have the same 
problem, does someone have a solution to this problem? thanx in advance if you 
can help me out.

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