Graphics cause browser to crash



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Graphics cause browser to crash

Postby morris81 » Thu, 06 Dec 2007 22:53:20 GMT

Has anyone experienced that graphics created with CS3 and exported as Flash 8 
document, and then saved as a MX 2004 document  and then published as a Flash 
Player 6 swf-file (done to remove the new grahpic features supported (such as 
"[h]Enhanced stroke[/h]") in Flash Player 8 and newer) causes the web-browser 
to crash?

 This is what I did with graphics drawn for use in Flash Player version 8 and 
newer, so that I would be able to use the graphics for a banner that needed to 
support Flash Player 6 and 7.

 To my amazement this caused Flash Player 6 and 7 to crash, and thus also the 
web-browser. Microsoft has in the Windows Error Reporting system logged the 
crash-problem as a error in Adobe Flash Player that has no known solution.

 The banner in it self is very low key, and does only contain the getURL code 
on a button.

 The banner works normally when the graphics are removed.

 My thesis is that not all settings for the graphics are removed eventhough the 
file is saved as MX2004.

 on (release) {
 	getURL(" http://www.**--****.com/ ");

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