Won't Download All of Video



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    We are experiencing a strange problem where certain Flash content "freezes" the browser for 30+ seconds, during which time the browser is completely unresponsive, and after which everything kicks back in and the flash plays perfectly. We can reproduce consistently with the new Mac "customer satisfaction" ad on popuplar sites (such as pcworld.com). This problem occurs with version 9 or 10 of flash, across all browsers I have tested (IE6, IE7, FF, Chrome, Opera). To remove the variables of other software, I installed a fresh XPSP3 and only loaded flash 10 on IE6 - problem still occured. Are others experiencing problems with this ad? Any ideas for further testing that may unlock this problem? Thanks.
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  • 3. download help
    i have tried repetedly to download the player but when i agree to the terms and hit the download button nothing happens, no activeX control prompt apears, nothing. the "instalation completion video just shows as a box with a red X in the corner. am i doing something wrong? can someone help me?

Won't Download All of Video

Postby Richard Hurtz » Tue, 08 Apr 2008 08:48:13 GMT

I try to download a .flv vid and it will only download a few seconds of the whole video. I've even seen it buffering, the buffering stops, then reverses and rolls back to zero.

Any ideas?

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