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cant install adobe flash to firefox

Postby noflashnobling » Fri, 08 Feb 2008 04:06:43 GMT

i've been dealing with this for weeks now. i cant seem to install flash to work 
with my firefox browser. i  have installed, unistalled, changed my security 
settings to the lowest possible, etc. i read through a chain below that deals 
with ie7 and flash 9 but none that deal with mozilla firefox and flash 9. i did 
dowload a standalone download for flash and that seems to have taken care of my 
ie7 (now that one has flash installed), but it didnt help with firefox.  i 
still seem to have the original flash 7 that came with my machine, but havent 
been able to download anything more current than that. anyone else with this 
problem or have any fixes?

Re: cant install adobe flash to firefox

Postby noflashnobling » Fri, 08 Feb 2008 04:12:08 GMT

ps - i've also called adobe to no avail, they said to go to customer service, 
which sent me to a call center in india who took me through uninstall and 
install - again...i tried a chat line guy who also was not helpful...not sure 
who else to turn to since it seems that adobe wont support this product at all.

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