Flashplayer on Windows XP



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    Hi i think i need to somehow change the read only permission with flash 9...is there a way to do this?
  • 2. where is the player ????
    i install the latest online player from adobe in my mac power pc based, but apparently only install the browsers plugging, i don't find the player in my applications... do some one nows something about that. i need to open a swf in the player!! but isn't any were. Help my please
  • 3. Flash Player 9 just stopped working and won't reinstall
    I am running Firefox on a MacBook (Intel Core 2 Duo, OS X v. 10.4.9). One minute, my Flash Player was working just fine and the next minute I start getting messages that I need to install the plug-in. I have repeatedly tried installing, uninstalling, restarting, reinstalling, etc. several times and I still get the same message. I looked in the 'plugins' folder for Firefox and I don't even see the Flash plugin. It's also not working in Safari. Please help me get this thing working. Ricky Furr
  • 4. 64-bit flash player - nothing but a dream
    Can't believe theres not a 64-bit flash player available. The company doesnt even want to anser questions concerning a 64-bit player. I my self use Linux/Fedora 5 and thers not a chanse I would go back to 32-bit just because Windows hasnt evolved enough to support todays 64-bit equipment. Anyway if theres someone who knows a work around to the 32-bit problem please tell me!! The ideal would be if there was a open source flash out there, but thats not likley...
  • 5. Capuring audio video and storing and live stream
    Hi All, I am a newbie to the adobe world of products. I am a java application developer. The requirement has brought me to this world. :) My requirement is to capture video and audio from my webcam and mike. Then at a later stage i want to put that into a webpage or a presentation. I may also want to live stream it to a webpage or in a demo. How can this be done using flash. I have seen lots of people doing this stuff but as i am new to these technologies i need help. Can anyone give me some pointers on this or a direction on how this will be done, with some example. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks Kunal

Flashplayer on Windows XP

Postby Zednenem » Tue, 23 Oct 2007 03:03:04 GMT

I am having problems getting the flash player to work on my Windows XP system.  
We have four users on the computer and only one can get the flash player to 
work.   Everytime I need a flash player, I am told to download one.  Yet my 
computer tells me that  Adobe Flash Player 9,0.47.0 is installed.   What is 
going on?  I need help.  This has been going on for months,

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