Flashplayer 10 stops buffering



  • 1. anyway to make a swf load faster on a site?
    Does anyone know if you can make a swf load faster, a friend of mine has a flash scene on his website but it takes forever to load the page its on, is there anyway to fix this or make it loa faster? thxs.
  • 2. Come on Adobe
    over a week an i havent come accross any fix for the new flash player 9 white box bug ................................Your killin alot of us! Get on it guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 3. Cannot view FLV files??
    Needing to create FLV files for a web developer; successfully installed Flash Video Encoder and Flash Player and also successfully created FLV files out of Final Cut Pro... but now the FLV files sit there (mac and windows, same problem) with a blank page icon and unable to find anything to play the files. Flash Player does not show up in apps list (Mac or Win)... should it? I thought it was like Quicktime player. I also cannot open the files directly into a browser (IE 7 or Safari). What am I missing here as this clearly seems to be a user confusion?!? Thanks!
  • 4. To the Adobe Devs, if you ever read this.
    Adobe, I'm rather dissapointed at how you seem to love developing Flash for Macs and PCs, but not release SDKs so other device can view flash content as well. So many web pages on multiple devices- Nintendo DS/Wii, Cell phones, Sony PSP/PS3, etc- lack a lot from not being able to display flash web pages. Games, IM services, and more are not able to be accessed, all because you have yet to release a SDK kit for Flash 8 and Flash 9. Please, if you DO see this, consider that many of us are dying for you to release it, and if you're going to give computer versions of Flash a lot of attention, it's only fair that you support other devices as well. Thanks for your time.
  • 5. Sound Control?
    Is it possible to turn off the sound in Flash Player? Some animations, notably YouTube's video player contain this option, but I'd like to be able to turn off the sound in other Flash movies. I realize that I can turn off my system's sound through the Windows volume control, but that also affects my music which I am usually playing using other programs. I was hoping for something that would only affect Flash. Anyone know how to do this?

Flashplayer 10 stops buffering

Postby Kristinejh » Wed, 11 Feb 2009 08:28:46 GMT

I have been trying to watch youtube videos and listening to last.fm, and in 
both players, the player will quickly start to play, and then all of a sudden 
stop buffering, and freeze. My computer is a new HP pavillion, with all system 
requirements, and my Internet conection is also fast enough. I have tried to 
stop my firewall, but this doesn't change anything either. Is something maybe 
blocking my buffering when it discovers it?
 I hope you can help; kind regards Kristine

Re: Flashplayer 10 stops buffering

Postby Gary Goldblum » Sun, 15 Feb 2009 17:31:32 GMT

Hi Kristinejh-
 Yep. That's what it does sometimes, and choppy vid, rap-like audio.
 Need more info:  OS, browser, FP version, previous working FP version, etc.
 Please reply back and we'll go from there. Also, search around in this forum 
to see if ya can find some ideas.


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