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  • 1. Help with using flash player- windows vista
    Hi There, really hope someone is kind enough to help me, I have only a few strands of hair left on my head through pure frustration!!! I have downloaded flash player from the website following all the restarting prompts and changing the security settings that are suggested in adobes troubleshooting text but I still cant use it and I am not getting the animation that it says you will have if you have succesfully downloaded, but it is showing up on my system as being installed!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • 2. install newset player?
    i go on youtube a lot and i usually have no problems. but for the past few days no video would show up and it'd say "get the latest flash player." so i'd download it, install it, and try to watch another video. it wouldn't show and it just say "get the latest flash player." i use firefox. and i've tried downloading from ie7 and everything. any help?
  • 3. Can't load FlashPlayer
    I am using a Acer Aspire 5507z - Now before you dis the system, I like The problem is that when I am on Firefox or IE and a modular needs FlashPlayer, it requires that the firefox or IE close. How can I when that is where I access the load?: confused;
  • 4. Stand-alone Flashplayer
    Is there a current stand-alone version of FlashPlayer (not a browser plug-in) available for Mac and Windows? I really love the one I have (v6), but it's old and I want one for Windows.

flash player 9 i

Postby franiof » Wed, 27 Jun 2007 04:06:45 GMT

I was having problems printing from the IMDb; kept getting error reports.  Got 
a message that if I downloaded "flash player 9" it might keep the problems from 
happening.  I downloaded it, but do not think the installation was complete. 
What do I do now?????

Re: flash player 9 i

Postby Ailla » Fri, 29 Jun 2007 03:14:25 GMT

I found this link on Adobe site. It was helpful to me. 



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