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  • 1. Animate footsteps
    I created pawprints for my school logo and I am a beginner at Flash MX2004. I want the pawprint to walk to a specific place then stop then contunie again so like looping over and over. Can you please give me a sample for what you created on flash or how to do it step by step or you can give me a tutorial on how to do it? Thanks

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Postby MrWeeeee » Thu, 01 Jan 2004 02:28:28 GMT

ok, I'm somwhat new to Flash and design but I'm putting together a proposal for a specific design and want to know if there is anyway to forecast how much bandwidth an applet(?) might use?  Is that too general and broad a question to answer?  I want to get a good estimate what kinda resources I will be using when considering my design.  Thanks.


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