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  • 1. Problems with buttons
    I've been designing my first website for the past few weeks and have worked out most of the kinks in actionscript and animation. My last major question is in regards to the many buttons I have needed to complete this project and the build-up of them in all of my movie clips. So far my buttons have only been functional if the button instances in any of my movie clips are created and sustained throuoghout the particular movie file (I have to make them transparent on certain frames where I do not want them to be seen). What has begun to happen is there is a build-up of invisible buttons (with alpha 0%) that can be accidentally clicked while browsing the website. I was curious if there was any way to "hide" objects (not make invisible) on particular frames, making them functional by keeping the instance intact, but preventing browers from accidentally clicking them. If this is not feasible, could anyone explain a method of preserving my buttons in one frame (say frame 5 in a clip) and not being obligated to extend the button throughout every clip. I'm sure there is a simple solution, I'm just not familiar with it. Thank you, Sam
  • 2. Reverse Button Movie
    I have a button with a movie clip in the over state. The movie clip looks like a camera panning up over an image of a person. so when you mouse over, you start at the bottom of his necktie and move upward toward his face. When you mouse off, I want the exact opposite to happen. If you are just at the bottom of his neck, I want you to pan down from the bottom of his neck to the beginning of the over state movie. So it's basically reversing however much of the 'over' movie has played at the point where you mouse off. I'm not that advanced as far as actionscript there a (fairly) simple way to do this?
  • 3. What is the BEST Screen Resolution?
    IN FLASH MX, I set my screen resolution to 760px (width) x 560px (height). My monitor screen resolution is 1152x864. It looks fine at that monitor screen resolution. HOWEVER, the website looks h-u-g-e on monitor screen resolution 1024x768. It looks elongated on monitor screen resolution 1280x768. So I am wondering what is the best screen resolution to set when in Flash? that will look good on all monitor screen resolutions? XXXX@XXXXX.COM
  • 4. Button in movie clip to target a frame, help!
    hey, ok so i have a main timeline and a few labeled frames in the main timeline. I gave the buttons in the movieclip menu i have instance names and targeted the corresponding frame. I put the code for the linking of buttons to the frame label one after the other in the actions pane for all 7 buttons, on a frame that spans the frames used in the main timeline AND the movieclip timeline. . is that right? can i do this? (one after the other) It still isnt working. art_btn.onRelease = function(){ _root.gotoAndPlay("artFrame"); } photo_btn.onRelease = function(){ _root.gotoAndPlay("photoFrame"); } Im not sure what im doing wrong. =( can someone help me? I would really appreciate it!!

automating actions

Postby loper2007 » Mon, 24 Dec 2007 00:26:59 GMT

hi!! i'm building my website. And i need to do a gallery of images.
 Do anyone knows if is possible to automate actions as: import, go to frame X, 
paste, align..ecc

 I tried with the command but, is not possible to automate the import action. I 
tried also with automator, but i don't think is compatible with flash.

 any help or suggestion?

Re: automating actions

Postby Tocalili » Wed, 02 Jan 2008 23:31:29 GMT

how did you do to create an action just like "go to frame X"? for instances, how can I create a textinput area and when the user writes a number he will go to that frame number?

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