LineChart appending lines, instead of stacking



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    use like this: if ( == addReport) { } else if ( == updateReport) { } else {}
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    "alice_data" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news:gjdqbe$sc8$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > Hi, > > I am wondering if anyone on this list has seen anything like this, and > hopefully someone could help me with fixing it. > I have successfully created a full fledged application that contains 8 > states in all, with various data service input and output as a user uses > the > application. The question is this, when a user writes to the database, and > tries to reload and look at another entry by clicking on the reload button > that > I created, even though it has long passed the "time requirement" as > handled by > the back-end coding, the user sees only the first entries that originally > exists in the database. I do not have sleep function throughout my > Actionscript > or PHP within this process. > > However, if I open another browser and tries to see it by reloading the > entire application again (in SWF format), everything is normal and > displayed > correctly. > > Is there a refresh rate issue with Flex in terms of displaying > information > from another table after it has been written in? How would I go about > fixing it? > > Thanks for your help. I hope I am making sense here. There are all sorts of things that could be going on here. Hard to say without seeing your code.
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    Use the TAB key. One thing I've found helpful is to change the default indentation in Flex to spaces instead of tab characters: Window->Preferences->Flex->Editors->Indentation-> check "spaces" and set both values to 4. Helps when pasting code into another editor (or here!) which could interpret tabs differently. Spaces are more consistent among different editors.
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    Hi Rtalton, Thanks for your reply. I tried as you suggested, but its the same problem still. Thanks again. Regards Pavan Neeli

LineChart appending lines, instead of stacking

Postby Trefalgar » Wed, 26 Nov 2008 08:12:03 GMT

Hard to explain ... when I do a single lineseries, the graph is great. If I add 
additional line series, instead of "stacking" along the same horizontal axis, 
it double it. Effectively graphing ...

 1 ...10, 1 ... 10, 1 ... 10, 1 ... 10

 Instead of graphing each line on the same 1 ... 10 horizontal axis.

 Any hints?

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Don't know if this is still an issue for you, but you can simply add all the 
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Ok, so heres the score in a little more detail. No matter what Adobe tells you 
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