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how to move caret programmatically

Postby apu2 » Sat, 13 Dec 2008 14:32:23 GMT

I am creating a Bengali editor using a Bengali font. A key input or a sequence 
of key inputs translates to a single Bengali character symbol or a basic 
character symbol with a modifier symbol.  I am using an event handler for the 
change event in TextArea object. In the event handler, I check the key typed , 
map it to the unicode(s) corresponding to the key or sequence of keys typed and 
put this unicode sequence back to TextArea.text . 
 The problem is that when , say the sequence "ko" is typed the two letters 
translate to 3 Bengali symbols. When I replace the "ko" with the 3 symbols, 
they show up alright but the caret or cursor shows up between symbol 2 and 3. 
For all other symbols, it works properly i.e. that caret shows up after the 
last symbol. So, in order to type, user has to manually press right arrow to 
move the caret to the right of 3rd symbol. Can it be done programmatically? 
What I want is I will map "ko"  to 4 rather than 3 symbols, the last being a 
non-printable unicode for right arrow. Is it possible? I could not find the 
unicode for non-printable right arrow. I just want to move caret one position 
to the right programmatically.

Re: how to move caret programmatically

Postby apu2 » Sat, 13 Dec 2008 21:34:32 GMT

I found the solution from another thread. 
ta.setSelection(ta.text.length, ta.text.length);
This sets the focus at the end of text in the text area

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