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  • 1. GA I/O voltage?
    From what I've been able to gather, the I/O voltage is the same as the core voltage on GA chips: 1.8v. Is this true or can you hook up a separate ( say 3.3v ) supply for I/O? Considering the dev-board will have RS232 connectors there either has to be -or- there will be some additional level-shifting hardware on the board. -Mux
  • 2. GA144 Devboard Pool?
    Anyone interested in starting a pool to purchase the new GA devboards? -Mux

Re: [personal] Re: Only Forth also Ideas

Postby John A. Peters » Thu, 24 Jun 2004 05:30:25 GMT

Remember the idea is to encourage the "good" posts and up the signal to
noise ratio.
Can you point to a thread from the past that has good content?  (Please)


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I have been looking at text-userland lately, and one thing that has
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the versions I have found are Y2K buggy --- the date functions do not
work with the new millenium.

Of course a text-userland spreadsheet written in an open forth would
also provide the opportunity to extend the functions in forth, which is
on the shopping list for any spreadsheet.

And if it is more compact than "sc", it would also provide a greeting
card for forth in the MinisculeLinux space (on top, of course, a
text-userland suduko problem generator, entry, "hand" solver, and
automatic solver toolkit, where so much progress has been made on the
latter part at least).

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