Hot 22 Year Old Looking For Love Or More.....Please Contact Me.......... 249C


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  • 1. Try Googling for a Definition of the Word "WORD"
    I did and it didn't go very far. Or actually it went way too far. I couldn't find a way to winnow it down to what I wanted given that so many words I tried in the search term had other, much more popular meanings. WORD, DEFINITION, FORTH... So I am here to ask what is likely an obvious question, if you know the answer... I want to use a word like WORD to parse words out of a string in memory. I can't find the word that would do that. I can't imagine that one isn't part of Win32Forth or any other package. I tried "see"ing WORD in Win32Forth first and it is in assembler. I thought it might have been done by getting the pointer to the input stream and then calling the word that actually parses the text. I think EVALUATE does what I want, but it goes too far and interprets the resulting text. Am I looking for a word I will need to write? It's not a big deal, I'm sure I can do that. But I'll be surprised if one isn't part of most Forths already. Rick

Re: Hot 22 Year Old Looking For Love Or More.....Please Contact Me.......... 249C

Postby Brad Eckert » Sat, 01 Jan 2005 03:27:27 GMT

Must be a message from Miss DOS. I think she's lying about her age,

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> Hi
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Well, if you're studying Scheme at university, we can take care of
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What Clipper version you are using?
Can you show us your, hmm, linking script?

[Ok, this is stupid replying to SPAM, just could not resists this one]


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  This week, J4 processed your two documents on:

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I need to work with you on the follow-up - but don't know what email ID I should 
use.  Please contact me off-list.

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'02 Standard. This rule explicitly limited EXTERNAL to 01-levels (for 
Working-Storage records).

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