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  • 1. searching for demo16 source of kit mup21
    Hello, I do have the kit Mup21 , but with the kit I have a 5 1/4 disk and floppy disk 5 1/4 doesn't exist now in France. I would like the source of DEMO16 , I only have the EPROM. Could anyone mail me the source or tell me where i can find it ? Thank's a lot cheers Emmanuel
  • 2. gforth 0.6.2
    I just downloaded gforth 0.6.2 and thought I'd report a couple of problems that I've noticed. The first is an easy one regarding EC. I tried to build the MISC kernel using make and it complains that about a missing file: arch/misc/prim.fs:829: No such file or directory include ./optcmove.fs I looked on the web but couldn't find a copy. It was apparently added in 2002 to the misc directory but it's not there now, and wasn't in the 5.0 or 6.1 version that I have on my hard drive. Also, I had a problem with make doc: cd doc; texi2dvi -e gforth.texi stdin:114: warning: @menu seen before first @node, creating `Top' node. stdin:114: warning: perhaps your @top node should be wrapped in @ifnottex rather than @ifinfo?. stdin:114: Next field of node `Top' not pointed to. stdin:618: This node (Invoking Gforth) has the bad Prev. texindex: Invalid argument; for file `/tmp/txidxXXXXXX???? ?'. /usr/bin/texi2dvi: texindex exited with bad status, quitting. make: *** [doc/gforth.dvi] Error 1 I'm using texi2dvi version 4.3. Unfortunately, I don't really know much about tex, so I find that I'm not able to figure this one out. Hope this helps. Ed

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