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  • 1. In light of Jeff's passing...
    It's surprising how much Jeff's death affected me this Wednesday. Maybe it's because I'm getting older myself and was reminded of my own mortality, being in my 40's and all..I didn't know Jeff personally but I enjoyed reading his posts on c.l.f. and digging through ultratechnology from time to time. Besides Chuck et al, he seemed to be one of the few folks here who truly had embraced the forth principle. So that got me thinking... There's an awful lot of knowledge that Jeff acquired (and contributed to) by working for years with Chuck, Greg and the other folks at GA, Intellasys, iTV, etc. Although he shared much of this online, his personal experiences and the wealth of accumulated knowledge are now gone forever. I'd hate to see the details of Chuck's life-long pursuit of simpler, faster technology be relegated to the dust-bin of the internet or merely be a footnote in (presumably digital) books in 10-20 years. Sure, there are interviews about Forth and all that, but there's relatively little information available about OKAD or (m)any of his chip designs from an implementation point of view. I'd love to find out more about that.. I'm sure Chuck has more important things to do than write down his memoirs and experiences but hope that in time, he'll find a way to share them with us. Last but not least, I hope this post didn't offend anyone as that wasn't my intention. FWIW, Jeff and his point of view will be sorely missed on c.l.f. -Mux
  • 2. Starting Forth Chapter 12: Filer
    Does anyone have a version of "Filer" from Starting Forth Chapter 12, that works with Win32forth (v42.0671). The version from the book doesn't appear to work with Win32forth. Well, at least I can't get it to work. Thanks for any help!
  • 3. [off-topic] 32-bit libs [Was: SwiftForth Linux eval is 32 bit only!]
    Krishna Myneni < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote: > I've mentioned this before in c.l.f. but RHEL6 seems to be far less > friendly to working in a multilib environment than its predecessors > (RHEL5, etc.). The 32-bit compatibility libraries and headers are no > longer installed by default, and there does not appear to be a single > package which would install them, ... a royal pain... Interesting. I can't imagine any circumstances in which I'd want all the 32-bit libraries installed by default -- there's an awful lot of them. There's nothing to stop you doing it yourself at install time by installing all the *i686* libraries from the DVD using RPM. Andrew.

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