Server Error: Error 2 opening registry key.. error



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Server Error: Error 2 opening registry key.. error

Postby John Dalberg » Sun, 09 Jan 2005 05:12:05 GMT

Running Windows 2000 server, Frontpage extensions 2000 upgraded 20
extensions 2002.
When I try to publish a page from a different computer using FP 2000 client
to one of the sites hosted by the server, I get the error below:
Server Error: Error 2 opening registry key "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared
Tools\Web Server Extensions\Ports\Port 80"

I checked the server, a server hosting different sites, and looked at that
registry key and found many entries under 'Ports' which looked like:
Port /LM/W3SVC/xxx: where xxx is a number.

I couldn't find an entry named 'Port 80'. I am not sure if this means it's
for the default website. Anyways, why am I getting this error?

John Dalberg

Re: Server Error: Error 2 opening registry key.. error

Postby The Trouble With Girls » Tue, 11 Jan 2005 03:21:18 GMT

I am also getting this same error message. I can't even log in to  FP.
I am on a Mac so am forced to use FP1.0.


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I have a perl script that used to use fpsrvadm to create Frontpage
2000 extentions from a webpage instead of having to go on the server
to install it. But now with FP2002, I'm suppose to use owsadm.exe
which gives me an error but only when I run it from my webpage. 

When I run the owsadm.exe directly on the server in a dos prompt
window, it will work but as soon as I use the owsadm.exe in my perl
script I get the following error:

Starting install, port: /LM/W3SVC/2.

Error: Error 2 opening registry key "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared
Tools\Web Server Extensions\Ports\Port ".

The webpage I use is requests a username and password before being
able to access it. I've even checked the event viewer security log and
when I execute the command from my webpage, I see an event starting
owsadm.exe using my username and password. 

I'm administrator on the machine and actually I've put everyone full
access on the web extentions registry.

I just don't know why it would fail like that when it works on the
server directly.

Here's the command being used by the perl script:

system ( "\"C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Microsoft Shared\\Web
Server Extensions\\50\\bin\\owsadm.exe\" -o install -m /LM/W3SVC/2 -u
administrators " );

I would appreciate any help at this point because I'm just about to go
crazy here. 

Thank you!


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It is obvious that the installer is kicking in again to repair this registry
problem, but I cannot find a reason that my particular branch of the
registry should be corrupt.  The program is written in VB6SP5 and this
problem occurs on Windows 2000 Pro and Windows XP, but not on every
installation of the software.

Has anyone seen this before and/or know what causes it?

Thanks in advance,


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