Hello Fellow PSP'ers



  • 1. Can this be explained easily?
    I recently upgraded from v.8 to v.8.10 and under add/remove programs on windows xp, it shows: Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 319.00MB Jasc Paint Shop Pro upgrade patch 346.00MB That does not seem right to me, Shouldn't 8.10 patch overwrite those files?
  • 2. Extensis Plugins ?
    Can anyone get these Plugins to work with PSP 7 or 8, it keeps telling mr it can't find the Lib no matter how I install it. I installed it the the X Brand and it works, but if I point to only it in the plugins, it still can't find lib or something.
  • 3. Resizing
    I've been trying to re-size some digital pictures and have found them more pixelated than expected when examined more closely. I was re-sizing for web and mail not so much for printing. Re-sizing jpg pictures by adjusting the pixel size seems to create the pixelation especially when the original enhanced photo is compressed somewhat. Would re-sizing by increasing the resolution from 72 PPI to 200 PPI and then adjusting the pixel size for the final re-sizing improve the results? Or should I go back to the original photo's as come out of my digital camera, enhance and save as PSP then resize? I'm hoping I do not have to do the latter as I've just processed 200 photos for the second time due to not having my Monitor Gamma set up correctly. Rob
  • 4. Plug Ins for Paint Shop Pro 6
    Anyone know a good site for Paint Shop Pro 6 plug ins???
  • 5. PSP7.01 ESD?
    I just had a PC given to me that has PSP 7.01 loaded on it. I was wondering what the "ESD" means and what/if any free updates are available for this version? Thanks.... -- MrToad

Hello Fellow PSP'ers

Postby Frannie » Wed, 06 Oct 2004 06:41:32 GMT

Hello all..I'm new to this group, just introducing myself. I've been
doing PSP for about a year and a half and have my own MSN site going
with a friend of mine that we make signatures on. It looks like this
group is pretty good in the knowledge department when it comes to PSP!
I'm looking for a crack or cracked version of Xenofex2 if anyone knows
where I could get my paws on one I'd much appreciate :). Also I was
wondering of someone here knows why sometimes my SBP presets won't
work and other times they do? I am currently using PSP 8.1, any help
would be appreciated!

Re: Hello Fellow PSP'ers

Postby Kris Zaklika » Wed, 06 Oct 2004 06:45:23 GMT

Nobody here condones theft.

Re: Hello Fellow PSP'ers

Postby T a n y a » Wed, 06 Oct 2004 06:46:47 GMT

Your in the wrong group to get pirated and crack
information publicly here!!!

But privately... the connections are endless


- T a n y a

Re: Hello Fellow PSP'ers

Postby Larry Linson » Wed, 06 Oct 2004 07:16:28 GMT

"T a n y a" wrote

 > Your in the wrong group to get pirated and crack
 > information publicly here!!!
 > But privately... the connections are endless

And, confidentially, "warez" or what purports to be "warez" is a vehicle of
choice for distributing viruses, trojans, and worms.

Re: Hello Fellow PSP'ers

Postby Uni » Wed, 06 Oct 2004 07:59:59 GMT

Ask Charlie.



  Also I was

Re: Hello Fellow PSP'ers

Postby T a n y a » Wed, 06 Oct 2004 08:07:00 GMT

<nods in agreement>


- T a n y a

Re: Hello Fellow PSP'ers

Postby All Things Mopar » Wed, 06 Oct 2004 11:24:25 GMT

Frannie commented courteously ...

I hope you find a cracked version, and the cracker infects your 
sorry ass with a {*filter*} virus!

Re: Hello Fellow PSP'ers

Postby YeahRight » Wed, 06 Oct 2004 19:56:14 GMT

On Mon, 04 Oct 2004 16:45:23 -0500, Kris Zaklika

Yeah, it's like {*filter*}, they all deny doing it and never
talk about it either.

I bet a lot of piracy would stop when companies stop trying to
scam people by selling beta software and then making people PAY
to be their beta testers for them.

There's a sap born every minute and it's whoever buys version x.0
of any software. Some claim even x.20 isn't beyond beta stage.
Until then, download it for free from the warez newsgroups. Then
you can do what everyone here is doing, Jasc's dirty work. Post
all the bugs as complaints to them so they can get rich while you
do all THEIR work for them FOR FREE.

To top it off, they even want you to work for them for free by
posting all their beta bugs to required email addresses. They
aren't even willing to get off their sorry asses to read the
newsgroups and log all the bugs on their own! How much more do
they want from everyone for FREE?

As far as viruses go... get a grip. I've used warez software
since 1980, guess how many viruses and trojans I've gotten? NONE.
And I only scan for them maybe every 3 months at best. In 24
years I found 3 of them sitting idly by in some unused files, and
none of them ever did any damage. I install and test over 70
pieces of software a month FROM WAREZ GROUPS. You do the math.
Your claims of viruses and trojans are just as empty as your
brains and manipulative scare tactics.

Quit trying to scare people with your silly greed and ploys.
Those who are smarter than you aren't buying your crap. That goes
for your advice as well as your software. UNTIL it's past beta
stage. When will that be for v9.0? I'm guessing about v9.21. THEN
it might be worth paying for, but no sooner.

Re: Hello Fellow PSP'ers

Postby Tetractys » Thu, 07 Oct 2004 02:09:45 GMT

Uh, that would be 71 or more? 

Re: Hello Fellow PSP'ers

Postby Uni » Thu, 07 Oct 2004 11:18:07 GMT

Tell it like it is, YR!



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